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#AnyMindJourney: Yi Hui Toh, Country Manager, Singapore

How has your journey been until today?

I was always interested in business and marketing while growing up, and joined various extra-curricular activities in school which allowed me to take on multiple leadership roles to hone my skills. After graduating from university, I joined Kingsmen as an Account Executive and was responsible for getting new sales and growing current accounts.

Although Kingsmen was focused a lot on offline marketing, I was also exposed to digital marketing and realized that the space was growth quickly, which I found really interesting. I chanced upon AdAsia (former name of AnyMind Group) and decided to join as an Account Executive, also focusing on generating new sales and growing current accounts. I gradually moved up the ranks and now take on the helm as the Country Manager for the Singapore office.

What helped get you to where you are today, and what are some key traits that helped you grow quickly?

This growth and entrepreneurial mindset that I mentioned above helped me a lot throughout my life. Having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start your own company but I see it as taking ownership and being bold to try out things or initiatives. Nobody will be 100% ready or prepared for any challenge, task, or initiative, but with the right mindset, even if you fail or encounter any obstacles along the way, you will be able to come out stronger and better.

Back in my University years, I joined many activities and even initiated new events. That helped me to shape my mindset and skill sets. After joining the workforce, I continued with this mindset to help me navigate and grow to where I am today. Even if you are not keen to take on leadership roles or climb up the ranks, this mindset will definitely help you to grow better as a person.

What motivates you to achieve more, and what is your philosophy working here?

The team plays an important role. Having your colleagues and teams aligned on the same vision (even if they may have different motivations) helps move things forward more easily and efficiently. When people around you want to achieve more and often initiate ideas for improvement, that gives you different perspectives and even alternatives to achieving the same end goal.

My philosophy centers around always being open to listening to what others have to share and not being afraid to share my ideas. Move fast to be the industry mover instead of following the movement. Update myself about what’s happening out there, whether it’s to partners, competitors or clients. And align myself with the organization and team members so that we are all moving in the same direction.

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