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#AnyMindJourney: Ngo Hong Vi, Head of Hanoi Operation Center

How has your journey been until today?

I worked at an education start-up after graduating from university for a year, doing events and PR. I then joined AnyMind in late 2017 under a brand new team (at that time) called Hanoi Operation Center (HOC). Back then, I was really keen on communicating & networking with people and preferred working in off-site locations compared to staying in one place the whole time. I had always imagined growing my career in event planning or event marketing.

But everything changed after 3 months of working in the advertising space. I started from scratch with almost zero experience in digital marketing.

I’ve had such great opportunities to study from and co-work with many experts in AnyMind, not just in HOC but also with regional Account Strategy teams, which helped me grow faster than I thought. Along with high self-discipline and a desire to upgrade my skillset & management mindset, I also adapted to the constant innovations of the industry and technology. Since 2022, I’ve been heading up the Hanoi Operation Center.

What helped get you to where you are today, and what are some key traits that helped you grow quickly?

I always believe that having a growth mindset and self-discipline can better lead us to success. Nobody can push you to adapt or improve unless you crave for it yourself. Think about the goals and take action, and don’t procrastinate.

Besides, being recognized & empowered matters too, to get me to where I am today. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by kind, talented & positive people in AnyMind from different local & regional teams. It has helped to motivate me, especially during times when I am concerned about my capabilities.

What motivates you to achieve more, and what is your philosophy working here?

As long as I can still create value and contribute to the company’s growth, I am motivated to work everyday. Also, having reliable teammates and a healthy team culture is something I appreciate in AnyMind, which is not easy to find and build.

My work philosophy is simple: Teamwork to achieve mutual goals while respecting one another; Expand our limits to enjoy learning new things & taking new challenges, then we’d grow from them.

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