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#AnyMindJourney: An Khanh Vu, Regional Head of Platform Operations

How has your journey been until today?

Before joining AnyMind, I gained three years of valuable experience in AdTech, excelling in business development and operations as an individual and a team manager.

I then joined AnyMind in 2017 as Platform Operations Manager, and was tasked with building the Platform Operations department for the Publisher Growth business segment. Now, as Regional Head of Platform Operations for Publisher Growth, I am responsible for various areas including business operations, partnership expansion, and strategic initiatives across multiple countries, oversee a team across the region, and orchestrate our efforts to achieve significant milestones and bolster AnyMind’s presence in the global market

What helped get you to where you are today, and what are some key traits that helped you grow quickly?

My journey to where I am today has been propelled by a combination of a growth mindset and honing critical thinking skills. In this dynamic environment in AnyMind, being a rapidly expanding technology company and market leader in numerous fields, being able to adapt to new challenges and swiftness in innovation are paramount to success. Embracing a growth mindset has enabled me to continuously seek opportunities for learning and development, ensuring that I stay ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving industry.

Additionally, cultivating critical thinking skills has empowered me to analyze complex situations, identify solutions, and make informed decisions swiftly. By embracing these key traits, I’ve been able to thrive in a fast-paced environment, drive business growth and contribute to AnyMind’s ongoing success.

What motivates you to achieve more, and what is your philosophy working here?

Being passionately curious about business challenges is my fuel to make changes. In addition, my ambition to advance the AdTech industry in Asia motivates me to achieve more within the company, fostering an environment where publishers can deliver increasingly valuable content and develop captivating apps for users through cutting-edge technology. I believe that with AnyMind, my ambitions can be achieved.

I’m also deeply committed to nurturing young talents globally, recognizing their potential to drive innovation and shape the industry’s future. At the core of my approach lies a philosophy centered on continual improvement and exceeding expectations. I firmly believe in striving to be the best, not only meeting but surpassing the challenges presented to us.

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