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Bringing together data from store management and advertising platforms to plug the gap between sales and marketing

The new e-commerce analytics module provides consolidated marketplace,, product, channel, variant and advertising analytics, enabling users to discover and build more efficiencies through data insights, and improve store management capabilities.

AnyX’s analytics module provides consolidated and also drilled-down daily reports at the channel, store, product, and even variant levels.

To help online merchants and businesses better navigate siloed data across disparate channels, we’ve launched a new analytics module on our e-commerce management platform, AnyX, to do just that. With the new analytics module, AnyX users can now access consolidated and drilled-down reports, providing greater clarity and data-driven insights across store, product, and variant levels. This enables AnyX users to identify gaps across store channel sales, costs, online marketing efforts, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

AnyX product and variant level reports

Product- and variant-level analytics reports provide easy comparison of sales, costs, and margins. For Shopify stores, connecting Google Analytics or Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts allows for the computation of ROAS.

We also understand that there are various costs involved in the sale of even just a single product, which is why we’ve also added the ability to input associated costs in the sale of their products (including sales commissions, advertising and logistics costs, and more) to enable the automatic calculatation of gross and marginal profit, making it possible to compare and analyze earnings by sales channel and product, ultimately enabling the more effective use of data to improve profitability.

AnyX channel integration fields

For each connected channel – inputting various cost indexes and fees (platform commissions, payment gateway fees, taxes, logistics) allows it to be automatically included in cost calculations for Channel and Product Analytics reports.

AnyX include SKU information

Include your SKU or product item’s unit cost to be taken into account automatically within Analytics reports.

AnyX connect Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Connecting Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads for your integrated Shopify store allow for the automated calculation of metrics such as ROAS at storewide and product levels.

At the same time, advertising can play a huge part in the success of product sales. For Shopify-based stores, we’ve enhanced data pipes to include Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads integrations to enable automated calculation of metrics such as ROAS at storewide and product levels, and the attribution of advertising spend for individual products. This helps online merchants navigate the challenge of having to pull and merge disparate data and reports from various e-commerce and advertising platforms, where areas such as computation of ROAS can be otherwise an error-prone, manual process.

AnyX AnyLogi integration

For the Japan market, integrating with AnyLogi allows warehouse inventory data be accessible directly, enabling collation and cross-analysis of SKU data.

With the recent integration of AnyLogi, disparate warehouse inventory and sales data can be accessed in unison, reducing the time needed to collate and cross-analyze from siloed sources. By making this cross-analysis accessible and easy, merchants can make quicker and more accurate decisions related to inventory, such as planning inbounds for restocking supplies or drawing on insights to market and move sales on seasonal products based on stock levels.

AnyX warehouse inventory and days sales of inventory screen

Warehouse inventory and days sales of inventory allow you to quickly get a view of your remaining SKU inventory, but also provide an estimate of how long it takes for each SKU to be sold out; providing insights to help with planning inbounding or even plan product specific marketing efforts

Available data and metrics on the analytics module for AnyX include:

  • Store, product and variant-specific metrics for orders, revenue, average order values, merchandise cost, gross profit, gross profit rate, logistics fee, marginal profit, and marginal profit rate;
  • Marketing and advertising metrics for sessions, conversion rate, discounts, discount rate, advertising fee, and ROAS;
  • Inventory metrics for total warehouse inventory and days sales of inventory.

We’re happy to collaborate with you to understand your business needs and difficulties to see how we can help take your e-commerce business to the next level with our suite of enablement offerings along with AnyX. Contact us for more information.

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