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Yuki Otake, Designer launches D2C Apparel Brand "VI E DIT" with AnyMind Group

Sales will commence on November 19, 2023 at 7:00 P.M. JST, on ZOZOTOWN

AnyMind Group, a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced that Yuki Otake, a designer, has launched his own direct-to-consumer unisex apparel brand, VI E DIT. Sales commence on November 19, 2023, at 19:00 on ZOZOTOWN. In celebration of the launch, a limited two-day pop-up store will be held in Harajuku, Tokyo, from December 9th (Saturday) to 10th (Sunday).

Yuki is taking a hands-on approach to spearheading the brand project, overseeing everything from design and production management to modeling and promotion. Leveraging AnyMind Group’s proprietary platforms like AnyX, AnyLogi, AnyChat, and AnyFactory, Yuki is able to tap on comprehensive support encompassing production, marketing, logistics, and customer service. Moving forward, AnyMind Group will continue to commit to supporting creator brands through co-creation that fosters mutual growth.

Yuki is an apparel designer and a fashion influencer boasting approximately 130,000 followers across social media platforms. Yuki previously served as the youngest designer and production manager at the brand belonging to a previous company which is known for creating Japanese-inspired items globally.

VI E DIT launches with meticulous attention to detail, featuring distinctive fashion items distinguished by their materials and design. The inaugural collection draws inspiration from the ambiance of the movie “Sing Street,” presenting oversized jackets and asymmetric shirts among other items. Embrace the unique lineup of “VI E DIT,” blending mode and street styles.

VI E DIT Brand Concept

Breaking down the term VI E DIT, “VIE” translates to “life” in French, while “EDIT” signifies “editing” in English. Combining these two words, the brand name “VI E DIT” signifies creating clothes that edit people’s lives.

The brand’s first collection includes shirts, double-breasted jackets, belted slacks and trainers. In addition.

On the launch of his brand, Yuki said: “I’m genuinely excited about the challenge of being a designer, handling production management while being an influencer in this ‘new D2C brand.’ My aim is to participate in Tokyo Collection and expand sales overseas. I want VI E DIT’s clothes, not just myself, to be known by many people, and I strive to maintain a continuous pursuit of this goal.”

VI E DIT Launch Celebration Pop-Up Store

The inaugural “VI E DIT POPUP STORE” will showcase newly released items available directly from ZOZOTOWN. Additionally, the pop-up store will offer the limited ZIP HOODIE item. Collaborative items with Kamakura-based Japanese tea select shop “CHABAKKA” and “THE FLAVOR DESIGN,” providing personalized scents, will also be available exclusively at the pop-up store.

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