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Japan’s largest healthcare app, asken, selects AnyMind Group subsidiary FourM for app monetization

Move looks to bring increased advertising revenue for ASKEN

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that the largest AI meal management app in Japan, asken, has selected FourM, a Japanese publisher trading desk that was acquired by AnyMind Group, to help grow advertising revenue for their app.

In the course of working with asken and other app developers in Japan in their monetization growth efforts, feedback from app developers that the FourM team spoke to shared that although they were interested in developing private marketplaces (PMP), their monetization was centered around AdMob and thus do not have any mechanism to deliver PMPs.

In March 2022, FourM launched its own solution for mobile app PMPs in Japan, to deliver advertisements that can be distributed to premium in-app inventory, including through AdMob.

With FourM – and to a wider extent AnyMind Group, asken is able to tap on consultation support from FourM, advertising monetization, the AnyManager SDK, and AnyMind Group’s publisher growth platform, AnyManager. In addition, both companies will work together to develop ad menus and a data analytics platform for PMPs.

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