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AnyMind Group launches BPaaS for Cross-Border Commerce solution

Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) combines the company’s proprietary technology and in-market operations to help enterprises with their outbound expansion efforts

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced the launch of “BPaaS for Cross-Border Commerce” to help enterprises with their outbound expansion across the Asia Pacific region.

A recent eMarketer forecast earmarked the Asia Pacific e-commerce market to grow to US$4.8 trillion in 2027, an increase of approximately US$1.3 trillion from 2023.

To help enterprises further unlock a growing cross-border e-commerce market and strong reception across Asia Pacific, AnyMind Group will launch its “BPaaS for Cross-Border Commerce” solution, which leverages the company’s proprietary technology and operations services that have been established across the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, whilst tapping on the company’s local networks of publishers and creators. This is similar to what the company is already doing for Chinese enterprises for outbound expansion.

AnyMind's BPaaS offering

BPaaS is a business model that enhances Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) models by offering more flexibility and scalability throughout the business process lifecycle. This is achieved by automating connections between systems and data within a company, and by providing operational support to optimize software functions.

With its BPaaS offering, AnyMind Group can provide enterprises with various collaboration models, including:

  • Distributor model: where all efforts are centralized to AnyMind Group, including digital commerce operations and strategy along with the exploration of new sales channels, marketing efforts, and management of local distributors;
  • Consignment model: where AnyMind Group provides online store channel management, along with importing and forwarding services such as local registration, licensing and warehousing.

AnyMind Group’s technology suite includes platforms for e-commerce, marketing, logistics, customer service, and more. In recent years, the company has also been building up its operations expertise and teams across its 15 markets to provide local support services to enterprises for designing, development, implementation, optimization, and automation across the business process.

In particular, AnyX, the company’s flagship product, provides enterprises with a centralized platform for e-commerce data and operations, including integrations with e-commerce marketplaces across Asia Pacific, 3rd-party advertising and analytics platforms, along with AnyMind Group’s platforms such as AnyLogi for logistics and AnyChat for customer service. Additionally, platforms such as AnyTag for influencer marketing and AnyDigital for digital marketing provide enterprises with access to the company’s local networks of publishers and creators across the Asia Pacific region.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said: “We’re entering the next stage of growth, both within our company and the wider business world, as enterprises become increasingly borderless and cross-border commerce becomes commonplace. By providing our customers with a proven technology suite and operational expertise that we have developed in recent years, we’re able to now take this to the next level and support every part of our customers’ business process.”

AnyMind Group has made eight M&As in the past seven years to bolster its operational expertise, including e-commerce enabler DDI, direct-to-consumer brand LÝFT, mobile marketing platform POKKT, cross-border marketing firm ENGAWA, influencer networks Moindy and GROVE, and publisher trading desks Acqua Media and FourM.

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