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AnyMind Group Brings AnyTag, one of Asia’s Largest Influencer Marketing Platforms, to the Middle East

AnyTag will be the first of a suite of solutions AnyMind Group will introduce to the Middle East for individuals and businesses, including brand building, manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing, and logistics

AnyMind Group, a company which develops software for individuals and businesses that enable brand building, manufacturing, e-commerce and marketing, has announced the launch of its influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, in the Middle East. AnyTag aims to address the challenge of spending countless hours on manual analysis and content management in influencer marketing through automation, including reporting, attribution, accumulation, and analysis of past campaign results.

“We’re confident of making an immediate impact on the influencer marketing industry in the UAE, emulating the success in how we’ve scaled in our existing markets. At present, AnyTag is already one of the most comprehensive influencer marketing platforms, and we’re constantly finding new ways for marketers to get more out of their influencer marketing spend,” said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and Co-Founder, AnyMind Group. “In addition, we’re committing to long-term investment here, having already established a strong leadership team and we will further grow our offerings for the region including the future introductions of parallel offerings for individuals and businesses in cloud manufacturing, brand building, marketing, logistics and more from our extensive suite of offerings.”

He added, “AnyMind Group first entered the Middle East market earlier this year through the acquisition of POKKT Mobile Ads, which provided us with a strong local team, local market business expertise and a base of operations in Dubai. Our mission is to make every business borderless by enabling marketers, influencers, publishers, and businesses to break down borders for geographies and time zones, online and offline, between departments, commerce and platforms.”

Empowering marketers with data-driven, impactful influencer marketing AnyTag allows marketers to access an extensive library of influencers and make their selections based on a wealth of data-driven metrics, instead of relying on just ‘gut feeling’. The platform also allows bilateral communication for checking and approving content, and once a campaign is launched, users will have access to real-time reporting and attribution to measure the effectiveness of influencers’ efforts. Marketers can run multiple campaigns simultaneously, and with key statistics available with real-time updates, they can make changes to their strategy to continuously enhance their campaigns.

AnyTag also features a social media management module, enabling marketers to easily measure the impact of influencer marketing activities against their existing brand presence on social media, and match a brand’s social media follower demographics with an influencer’s followers, enabling marketers to better leverage an influencer’s sphere of influence.

Other functions that will be made available to marketers through AnyTag include campaign content management, influencer marketplace campaigns, powerful attribution and reporting capabilities, and dedicated and multilingual support, amongst other features.

With AnyTag, marketers can free up time-consuming activities, such as reporting. Users can easily download automatically generated reports in less than 2 minutes, depending on the size of the campaign. Within such a short time the user will have an outlook on the campaign summary and results, costing and spend, top posts, and influencer-specific campaign details like performance ranking. Marketing and public relations agencies can also utilize the platform for their clients, with options to customize the platform and reports.

In addition to traditional metrics such as post, likes, views, etc., marketers can also better track the impact of their activities towards their business results with cost-per-click and cost-per-action / acquisition measurement functions.

Empowering influencers with tools to grow AnyTag is just the beginning, as once the entire suite of platforms and offerings by AnyMind Group is deployed in the region, influencers can leverage on various aspects to grow their personal brand. They can also be combined to allow for an influencer to take their own branded products from concept all the way to fulfilment of customer orders. Through a platform and offering suite that enables individuals and businesses for brand building, manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing, and logistics, AnyMind Group looks to become a brand enablement platform that drives its mission to make every business borderless.

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