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AnyMind Group launches Story Engine on AnyManager for online publishers, e-commerce and D2C brands

Users can now tap on a no-code web stories generator on AnyManager

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for marketers, publishers, influencers and business owners, has today announced the launch of Story Engine, a no-code feature on AnyManager that enables users to easily create, edit, manage and publish Web Stories, an open-source initiative by Google.

Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular “Stories” format that combines video, audio, images, animation and text to create a dynamic consumption experience on both desktop and mobile devices. These Web Stories can appear across a publisher’s website, on Google Search, Google Discover and Google Images.

This means that online publishers, without having to utilize in-house engineering resources, can increase the discoverability of content and drive user experience and engagement by delivering to users content in a “Stories” format commonly seen on social media platforms.

Story Engine feature how it works

E-commerce, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and advertisers can also leverage Web Stories to showcase and bring greater storytelling around their products, ultimately driving users to a specific landing page.

Sitting alongside features for web and mobile app analytics, monetization, user engagement and site improvement on AnyManager, online publishers and marketers for e-commerce and D2C brands can now use the Story Engine feature to create and design Web Stories, edit existing Web Stories content, manage all draft and live Web Stories, and publish Web Stories, all through a single platform. AnyManager users can also connect Google Analytics to AnyManager and track the performance of their Web Stories.

Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth for AnyMind Group, said: “We’re constantly developing new means for online publishers to drive greater value, be it through ad monetization, creation and selling of products or merchandise, social media monetization and more. With Story Engine on AnyManager, publishers, e-commerce and D2C brands can now boost efforts to connect better with users across one of the widest audience channels today.”

AnyManager is a web and mobile app publisher monetization platform that enables users to consolidate, manage and track their revenue streams across a wide range of demand sources, and provides publishers with features including header bidding and automated pricing optimization, along with integration with Google Analytics and 3rd-party ad verification, viewability and brand safety tools. At present, over 1,000 web publishers and 250 apps across Asia are using AnyManager, accessing demand from over 70 partners including POKKT Mobile Ads, a mobile video and rewarded-video advertising company that was acquired by AnyMind Group in March 2020.

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