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#AnyMindFamily Stories - Daphne Teoh on CastingAsia Creators Network, game-changers, and mobile game lover

#AnyMindFamily Stories - Daphne Teoh on CastingAsia Creators Network, game-changers, and mobile game lover

Hello, I am Daphne Teoh, Manager of CastingAsia Creators Network. I joined this company nine months ago and currently based in Malaysia. I started my career in the venture capital industry as a Corporate Communications Executive and moved to the media entertainment industry a year later. So far, I have been in this industry for more than four years.

CastingAsia Creators Network is an influencer network by AnyMind Group. To me, this is not a new business in the Asia market. I always think that this industry needs a game-changer and a key player to make a breakthrough that creates a balance in the ecosystem, where platforms, brands, and influencers play the main roles in it.

However, the game in Asia has now moved way ahead compared to what influencers and content creators are doing (or what they can do). The mentality of brands or platforms are very different compared to creators’, the aim is to bridge that gap and create a solution that benefits all parties. Personally, I see AnyMind Group as the only company that shares the same values and goals in this.


Being a game changer is never easy, but it excites and motivates me for everything I achieve, even if it might be just for a small part. Additionally, this comes from the support of the company and the team. One of our influencers told me that a community is an ideal environment that gathers people that share the same interests and values and work together to achieve goals together, and I am fortunate to be part of this community.

Also, we are a fun team! (Hope I’m not the only one in the team that thinks so…hah) We play mobile games together (Mobile Legends is our new love, but I am not a good player. LOL) or chill out with them over a glass or two after work.

With constant updates and being openly transparent within the company, the key to maintaining teamwork would be understanding the difference in cultures since AnyMind Group is a big family that gathers people from all over the world. With the resources, innovation, and technology we have, I have no doubts about AnyMind Group’s path towards the greater goal.

The company’s values of “Be Open”, ”Be Bold”, “Be Passionate”, “Move Faster”, and “Grow Together”, inspires me in terms of personal growth. Implementing these values has helped me in setting my goals and set the culture for my team to work on.

Do your best!

I believe that if you haven’t tried your best, you can blame no one but yourself. And if you are in a bad situation, blame yourself before others so you will not stop improving.

The difference between success and failure consists of perseverance. We do not control when the challenges will happen, but we have control over finding a solution. A problem unsolved is merely a goal not yet achieved.

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