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Lunchtime Chat with... Hikaru Tashiro (Manager, Advertiser Engagement)

Our MVP chats continue with Hikaru. Hailing from Hokkaido, he's based in the Singapore office, and has seemingly taken the scenic route to get here; he's a serial traveller guys! Get to know Mr Tashiro a little better:

Tell us about your prior work experience.

I started my career in a digital marketing agency located in Tokyo, in sales and account management, spending three years there. The budgets from my clients there were pretty massive; some of them spent about USD $1 million each month! As you might expect with such huge budgets, expectations and demands were also very high!

It was tough work, no doubt, but that experience and the help I received from more experienced colleagues really worked to level me up quickly. You learn a lot in a very short amount of time in such an environment!

Tell us more about your role in AnyMind Group.

As part of the Advertiser Engagement team, I work with existing and new clients very closely to help them reach their marketing goals. What makes it particularly exciting in this company, is that I can make quick decision on my own. It’s exciting to be able to work this freely and quickly!

Of course, this also means that the responsibility that comes with it is bigger. A lot is expected of each of us, and I always do my best to live up to those standards and expectations.

What attracted you to join AnyMind Group?

AnyMind Group offers me the perfect opportunity to utilize and further develop my digital marketing skills. As a company which has grown so quickly in just two years (we now have 11 offices in 10 markets!), it’s also a very exciting environment! The energy of the people, especially at our all-hands meetings where everyone comes together, is electrifying 😁

Before joining AnyMind Group, what did you know about the advertising industry?

My previous job was also in digital marketing, so I took a fair bit of experience and knowledge from that into my current role. That said, working in Singapore, with clients and campaigns that are more regional in nature, was something new to me. Depending on the market, the preferred platform(s) and/or marketing strategies can be quite different! Localisation is the key to making things work, especially in a region as diverse as Southeast Asia.

How has it been so far and what do you enjoy the most about your role?

My favourite moments are whenever I talk to clients. I liken it to school plays from childhood times – there’s a lot of preparation, from the content to the delivery. The conversations themselves are kind of like my time in the spotlight, and of course, it feels amazing when they are fruitful ones!

How has your role and the company evolved over the time you’ve been with the company?

The company has grown so quickly – we’re up to about 280 people now. We were at around 60 when I joined in April last year.

This ‘population explosion’ means that we should all be more aware than ever of working together as a team and one company. So much more is possible with teamwork, and I believe it’s what will strengthen the company and propel us further as a whole organization!

Tell us more about your personality.

I think my personality can be summed up with the fact that I took a year off when I was 22 years old, to travel the world. I went to many different places; Peru, America, and many more. I love new experiences and talking with people from all over the planet.

There are so many differing viewpoints on any given subject, and taking them as a whole allows me to think about things from a big-picture perspective; I try not to take too narrow a view on things!

Also, I’m single and ready to mingle! 😜

What tips or advice do you have for your co-workers?

Don’t get comfortable with your position; don’t rest on your laurels. I enjoy learning from my colleagues on how they approach their work, even in markets outside of mine. Good strategies are good strategies, regardless of where they’re from. I find that I can learn a lot, both in terms of planning as well as general marketing/campaign ideas, from those around me.

And outside of work, I read a lot too! Lifelong learning is important!

What can’t you live without?

No travel, no life. Eastern Europe is next on the list!

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