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Lunchtime Chat with... Kulathat Sombatsiri (Win) (AdAsia Holdings)

With another quarter past us, Lunchtime Chat, the series which highlights the company's quarterly top performers, is back! First up is Win, from our Bangkok office. With many years of experience in the industry, the winner of the top corporate staff award brings a steady hand to his work, with the client's needs always the top priority:

Tell us about your prior work experience.

I’ve been in the digital industry for a while now, and have spent time and garnered experienced on many areas of the field. I started on the publisher end, developing website content and managing advertising inventories. I then joined a digital agency which specialized in digital production (e.g. websites, mobile apps, rich media banners, etc.)

I made the leap to an international agency after that, doing RTB media buying. This was around the time programmatic was first introduced, so it was definitely a time of lots of learning.

Lastly, just prior to joining AnyMind Group, I was with an FMCG company, overseeing the organization’s digital marketing across all channels.

Tell us more about your role in AnyMind Group.

Put simply, I tap into my years of experience and expertise to support our clients in their digital advertising efforts. It’s mainly consultation work, making sure that they have everything they need to achieve their campaign goals.

Internally, I play a part in making sure my team is up to date on all the latest trends in this fast-evolving industry, and also that they have the soft skills necessary to work with clients and partners effectively and efficiently.

What attracted you to join AnyMind Group?

It’s an international start up which has shown remarkable growth in such a short span of time. Additionally, having its own proprietary technology that is able to produce specialised solutions across industries – this is very exciting for me. As a professional, having these kinds of tools available to me to help my clients with is just amazing.

Before joining AnyMind Group, what did you know about the advertising industry?

As outlined in my past experience, having been in this field for pretty much my whole career means that I am familiar with the landscape, even as it has changed so much over the years. You’re never bored!

How has it been so far and what do you enjoy the most about your role?

It’s been great – I have a passion for driving business, and a deep love for technology. This company gives me many opportunities to drive both of those desires!

As for what I enjoy the most about my role, it’s definitely got to be that ‘a-ha!’ moment in my clients’ eyes when they see how my comprehensive proposals can help them reach their business goals. My clients’ success is my success, and it’s what keeps me going and what motivates me to keep doing my very best for them.

How has your role and the company evolved over the time you’ve been with the company?

For one, this company gives me a lot of opportunities to learn, exposing me to advanced digital marketing technology. For example, I’ve learned a lot of about ad optimization in my time here.

I’ve also been lucky to have the chance to grow as a manager, learning how to lead a team.

Tell us more about your personality.

I’m actually quite an emotional person; not very calm. I think this has both pros and cons: my emotional nature allows me to easily empathise with colleagues, which helps a lot when it comes to working with people. I understand them, almost innately, and this leads to great teamwork! That said, it might cloud my rational judgements sometimes.

Not being a very calm person means that I tend to try to finish all my tasks as quickly as possible. While that’s good for productivity, it also means that sometimes, I act without thinking a situation through enough.

This is the next stage of my personal growth! I’m working towards bringing out the positive side of these two attributes more, and being in more control of my emotions 🙂

What tips or advice do you have for your co-workers?

Sustainability is very important! Work hard, for sure, but never forget to take care of your health. Everything we do, we do as a team, so don’t take on too much on your own shoulders. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What can’t you live without?

Motivation. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dreams, I wouldn’t be able to grow and develop, both as a professional and as a person. It’s all about motivation.

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