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AnyTag helps brands utilize influencer marketing campaigns in Indonesia

AnyMind Group’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, has been a catalyst for various performance-based influencer marketing campaigns in Indonesia, spanning diverse industries such as entertainment, and e-commerce.

For instance, an e-commerce marketplace leveraged AnyTag to conduct campaigns for 29 brands, aiming to boost product sales on the platform, particularly during significant online shopping days like 11.11 and 12.12. With a total of 27 hosts, these campaigns encompassed 635 hours of live shopping streaming sessions, resulting in a substantial increase in the brands’ revenues.

In the entertainment sector, a company dedicated to fostering Japanese creators and entertainers in Indonesia utilized AnyTag to promote a new song by one of its singers. The campaign set a key performance indicator (KPI) of achieving 7,000 views on the singer’s YouTube channel. Engaging a total of 93 nano and micro influencers, the campaign successfully garnered 36,000 total views on YouTube.

AnyTag simplifies the process of searching and engaging with influencers or content creators aligned with your brand’s image and campaign objectives. The platform provides a comprehensive influencer analysis, including metrics such as followers’ growth, audience profiles, engagements, posts, and similar influencer recommendations.

Moreover, AnyTag goes beyond by empowering users to create influencer lists, ensuring brands can efficiently maintain and expand a group of influencers, with campaign performance tracked over time. Campaign performance is also attributed on the platform – from views and engagement to clicks and purchases. This capability enhances the strategic management of influencer relationships and optimizes longer-term campaign effectiveness.

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