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Unlocking Revenue Potential: Zegome's 33% ARPDAU Boost with AnyMind Group

About Zegome

Zegome is an independent studio that develops utility applications and mobile games. Zegome has a young and dynamic team who are experienced in software development.


For Zegome, two critical challenges loomed large: ensuring that their products met market needs and generated profits from their target user base. Despite extensive research and development efforts, Zegome struggled to achieve these objectives due to resource constraints and a small team focused primarily on product development. Recognizing the need for external support, Zegome sought expertise from AnyMind, aiming to enhance their app’s profitability and user experience while reaching a wider audience.


First, AnyMind focused on enhancing Zegome’s revenue streams by introducing new ad demand, including AnyMind’s own direct demand and other integrated ad networks such as Liftoff, Unity Ads, Pangle, and Meta. By leveraging AnyMind’s extensive network of demand partners, Zegome was able to increase competition among advertisers, resulting in higher bids and improved revenue generation. AnyMind’s capabilities to support waterfall optimization helped Zegome maximize revenue from each ad impression, ultimately driving overall profitability.

Moreover, AnyMind suggested implementing new ad placements to enhance user engagement and increase Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU). Specifically, AnyMind recommended adding Collapsible Banner and Splash Banner formats to Zegome’s apps. These new placements provided users with non-intrusive ad experiences while effectively capturing their attention. As a result, Zegome had an increase in ARPDAU, reflecting success in AnyMind’s strategy of optimizing ad placements for maximum revenue generation.


The impact of AnyMind’s strategic interventions was profound. Initially contributing approximately 6% of total revenue, AnyMind’s demand saw a significant increase in contribution, peaking at 12% of total revenue in January 2024. Moreover, within three months of AnyMind’s optimization of Zegome’s waterfall layers, ARPDAU surged by approximately 30%, reflecting the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. Additionally, adding a Collapsible Banner format led to remarkable improvements in key metrics, with AR CPM doubling and ARPDAU increasing by 33.3% compared to the previous month. These results underscored the transformative impact of AnyMind’s partnership on Zegome’s revenue generation capabilities and user experience enhancement efforts, positioning Zegome for continued success and growth in the competitive mobile app market.

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