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BALMUDA’s new approach to influencer marketing for home appliances drives attributable sales

Influencer marketing X BALMUDA Vacuum Cleaner in Taiwan


BALMUDA is a top appliance brand from Japan, and is known in Taiwan as the “Hermès of Japanese home appliances” due to its brilliant designs and excellent functional. BALMUDA has successfully captured consumers’ with their BALMUDA The Toaster product, which has become an iconic home appliance item.

However, BALMUDA does not produce just toasters! The BALMUDA cordless vacuum cleaner has a brilliant design and features a unique 360-degree swivel head, making the vacuum cleaner not just an appliance, but a beautiful and practical feature piece. In order to drive buzz around BALMUDA’s wireless vacuum cleaners in Taiwan and establish a strong brand image in such a highly competitive home appliance market, BALMUDA worked with AnyMind Group to run a series of influencer marketing activities through the company’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag.


To establish BALMUDA as the “Hermès” of the home appliance industry, BALMUDA leveraged on the product’s visual appearance and zeroed in on “cleanliness” as the key message, echoing the simple and clean appearance of the vacuum cleaner and its beautiful design. Communications also showed the ingenuity and function of the vacuum cleaner through actual product experience, which resonated with consumers who care about aesthetics and the more intricate details of the product.

Credits:j__o.o__j IG

Based on the above communication focus, the influencer marketing activations included:

・Tapping on KOLs who like to keep their homes tidy and clean – cleanliness of layout, cleanliness of life, and persistence in life

・KOLs who are working professionals and entrepreneurs who would like a high-quality life

In terms of strategy implementation, the activations communicated with consumers on three different levels:

・KOCs (Key online consumers): Invited to participate in brand experience sessions to share first-hand experiences of the products and increase brand reputation through significant exposure

・Bloggers: Introduced products through blog articles and create online manuals with graphic and text contents, which inadvertently enhances brand SEO

・KOLs: Shared their own takes of life and strengthened brand image by creating content contextually placing BALMUDA’s vacuum cleaner, whilst maintaining top-of-mind recall and discussions about the brand

Credits:myniniland IG

Credits:disnini IG


Through a series of influencer marketing campaigns, BALMUDA was able to generate over 530,000 clicks and over 200,000 interactions. Through a different approach compared to other home appliance brands in Taiwan, BALMUDA was not just able to successfully create brand buzz, but also translated this buzz into actual sales figures – using influencer marketing to achieve maximum impact.

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