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Here’s what happened at our Singapore team’s maiden Sports Fest

In what is now turning into a series of adrenaline-fueled sporting events across our markets, our Singapore team turned up bright and early for their first-ever AnyMind Sports Fest in Singapore!

With a nutritious breakfast spread prepared by the Sports Fest committee in everyone’s bellies, the team headed to a nearby sports hall on this sunny September morning.

AnyMind Singapore team sports fest breakfast

The team was split into four groups – each representing the various colors of the AnyMind logo – blue, red, green and yellow.

When a bare-chested samurai, thingamajig, frog-on-a-stick, and small-headed lion meet
To start things off, a cheer competition was held. The catch? It also had to include an appearance by a group mascot. Following last-minute cheer practices and groups dressing up their mascots secretly, the stage was set for a highly competitive cheer session as the groups took to the stage amidst friendly applause.

We’re not revealing how the cheers went, but the mascots definitely have to be shown! You can also match the mascots with the names in the headline of this section.

AnyMind Singapore team sports mascots

The competitiveness of the cheer competition was the perfect appetizer for the rest of the morning.

Fastest, fittest, first
First up was a series of team relay games. First up was a game where members had to balance a marble on a spoon and walk/run/crawl around a chair, and subsequently hand the marble off to the next person in the group. Whenever a person dropped a marble, they had to do the entire process again!

With such a nail-biting game done and dusted, the groups moved onto a “wheelbarrow race” where members split into pairs within their groups, with one holding the legs of the other in wheelbarrow fashion and switching once they reached the halfway mark. No wheelbarrows were hurt in the course of action.

AnyMind Singapore team sports fest wheelbarrow race

Next up was a three-legged relay, with similar pairs binding their adjacent legs together. Hilarity ensued whenever a mismatched pair took to the field.

AnyMind Singapore team sports fest three-legged race

After the series of team relays was a game of Dog & Bone, where individuals in the group chose a number from one to five. Whenever a random number was called out, the individuals would sprint out of their starting block and attempt to retrieve the “bone,” a bean bag laid in between the groups. Whenever the gamemaster called out “all,” chaos was the word to describe what happened on the field, with bodies flying in the air or rolling on the ground!

After catching a few breaths, the team headed to their main event – Captain’s Ball. A majority of battles were closely fought, ultimately leading to the red group taking home the top prize for this section of games.

At the end of the morning, a winner of our Singapore team’s inaugural Sports Fest was crowned: the red group. Congratulations! There were also three special prizes given out – for most valuable player, sportspersonship, and most passionate.

All-in-all, the Sports Fest that happened in Singapore encapsulated the company’s spirit of being bold and always looking to achieve more, together. Laughter and spoils were shared, and the team was that bit healthier and happier. Onto the next!

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