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Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing on Instagram and TikTok

There’s no doubt that social media plays a big part in our life, and brands are utilizing influencer marketing on social media to up their game, leveraging on the popularity, credibility, and reach of influential individuals in relevant niches to promote and endorse their products, services, or messages.

Influencer marketing aims to tap into the influencer’s established audience, build authenticity, enhance brand visibility, drive engagement, and ultimately lead to increased brand awareness, customer trust, and conversion rates. By partnering with influencers, brands can connect with their target audience more effectively, create relatable content, and foster genuine connections that resonate with consumers, thus driving business growth and achieving marketing goals.

Looking at data from our State of Influence in Asia 22/23 report, Instagram remains the most popular social media for influencer marketing campaigns to run on, followed by TikTok, Facebook, Twitter (now X), and YouTube.

Instagram, the golden platform

Instagram stood out as a prominent platform for influencer marketing in 2022. Its visual nature and widespread popularity makes it a prime channel for brands to connect with their target audience through engaging content created by influencers. With its diverse range of features, including Stories and Reels. Instagram offers versatile opportunities for brands to showcase products, services, and messages in creative and impactful ways. As a result, it remains a preferred choice for running successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Utilizing AnyMind Group’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, approximately 650 influencer marketing campaigns were executed on the platform over a span of 6 months across markets in Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan. These campaigns collectively garnered nearly 12 million engagements on Instagram this year.

This social media platform is renowned for its active user base and high engagement rates. Instagram’s emphasis on visuals enables influencers to create compelling content that resonates with their followers, enabling brands to attract more attention and elicit a stronger response from users.

The rising star TikTok

TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform for running influencer marketing campaigns, offering a unique set of advantages that can greatly benefit brands.

Through AnyTag, approximately 370 influencer marketing campaigns were conducted on TikTok across several Asian markets in 6 months. These campaigns collectively garnered an average of 11 million engagements over a span of 6 months this year.

From challenges, hashtags, dances, and product showcases to comedy skits and user-generated content, influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok include a variety of approaches to effectively engage with audiences.

TikTok also has a track record of propelling content to viral status quickly. Engaging and creative campaigns have the potential to reach a massive audience in a short span of time, boosting brand visibility. AnyTag also provides insights into campaign performance on TikTok, allowing brands to monitor engagement, reach, and other crucial metrics. This data-driven approach helps them to optimize future campaigns.

Influencer marketing through powerful tool

All of these exceptional social media features can be amplified through AnyMind Group’s comprehensive tool, AnyTag. This tool empowers brands to not only discover influencers, including those on the TikTok Creator Marketplace and various other social media platforms, but also enables them to seamlessly set up, manage, and track cross-platform influencer marketing campaigns. On top of typical influencer marketing workflows (including the management and tracking of influencer marketing campaigns), AnyTag also covers social media analytics, competitor analysis, hashtag insights, fan engagement analysis, and efficient management of user-generated content.

Over the past year, conversion tracking features were also developed for AnyTag, enabling marketers to understand the business impact of their influencer marketing campaigns on sales and products sold. AnyTag even has integrations with Shopee and Lazada, helping marketers to track return on influencer marketing spend on their e-commerce channels.

Additionally, AnyX facilitates the management and analytics of TikTok Shop, along with other e-commerce marketplaces and platforms. Meanwhile, AnyChat enhances automated viewer engagement during Instagram Live sessions, offering the ability to set up automatic responses triggered by user comments and keywords.

In tandem with these platforms, a comprehensive social media planner is also available to strategically organize and schedule your social media content. With these tools at your disposal, influencer marketing becomes a powerful and streamlined process, enabling brands to maximize their reach and impact.

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