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AnyMind Group takes home a slew of awards

The end of the year is filled with a variety of awards, and of course, AnyMind Group was in and amongst some of the more prominent ones.

From Hong Kong’s DigiZ awards and Vietnam’s Nestlé x Meta Creative Awards 2022, to the global Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) Summit, teams across the company were recognized for their work done in the past year – from engineering and sales to operations!

First up is the DigiZ awards held in Hong Kong, where AnyMind Group took home two awards.

For the Best Influencer Marketing Platform category, AnyMind’s influencer marketing platform AnyTag took the silver award. In recent months, the company has added new features to AnyTag including referral code management, user-generated content management, and the ability to discover trending influencers and posts. The use of AnyTag by GP Batteries for their influencer marketing campaign promoting Reckyo, its new rechargeable batteries brand, was also featured in the award submission.

The company also took home the silver award for Best MarTech team, speaking volumes on how the company doesn’t just provide its technology to customers, but also provide a team that helps customers maximize the value of AnyMind’s products.

At the annual global GCPP Summit, AnyMind-owned publisher trading desk, FourM, was conferred the Transformation Award by Google, with FourM in the past year launching Stand App Studio to support app publishers in solving issues around publishing apps, struggles with non-development tasks such as dealing with policy violations, lack of investment capital, and knowledge in marketing apps. This enables app publishers to focus on planning or developing, while FourM supports marketing, user acquisition and monetization.

On a macro-level, AnyMind Group has, in the past two years, built and developed teams situated across operating markets to support app publishers with strategy, marketing, user acquisition and monetization, highlighting the company’s flexibility and adaptability to grow new business segments.

Next in line is the Nestlé x Meta Creative Awards 2022 in Vietnam, with AnyMind taking the Grand Prix prize for helping Nestlé maximize the use of AnyTag to run their Milo Grit influencer marketing campaign on Reels.

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