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How to leverage influencers for in-person events?

Check out this sharing from GP Batteries 

Customers nowadays consume a great amount of digital content, including on social media, to find out things that interest them. However, it is challenging to make customers interact in offline events.

With the aim of promoting its rechargeable battery and sustainability, GP Batteries held an offline workshop in PMQ to promote its new rechargeable batteries brand – Recyko and tapped on AnyMind Group’s influencer marketing platform AnyTag to drive awareness and increase their subscriber database.


Finding the right talents and generating UGC content

For this event, GP Batteries wanted to target parents and couples, who have more leisure time on the weekends, to attend the event. By tapping on AnyTag to see influencers’ growth and overall performance, GP Batteries decided to work with the following three groups of influencers:

(1) trendy influencers who can create hot topics

(2) couple influencers

(3) parent influencers

Of course, the power of UGC is irreplaceable. GP Batteries not only used AnyTag’s Marketplace feature to recruit Micro-influencers, but they also implemented incentive and giveaway mechanisms to drive more UGC created from their own personal experience of this event.


Participation and content performance

This campaign had satisfactory results in both event participation and content performance. It attracted around 1,000 visitors in 2 weeks and also gained 200 subscribers. Meanwhile, the influencer posts have reached 500K audiences and the Instagram engagement rate reached 3%. Moreover, almost 30 non-influencer participents also upload thier UGC content on social media, which maximized the overall result of this campaign. 

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