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AnyMind Group adds WhatsApp Broadcast capabilities to AnyChat

Through AnyChat’s integration with Meta’s WhatsApp, the new Broadcast capabilities enable more efficient sales promotion to fans and potential customers

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced that WhatsApp Broadcast capabilities are now available on its conversational commerce platform, AnyChat, enabling users to simultaneously deliver messages on WhatsApp to fans and potential customers.

The new capabilities open up further means to efficiently disseminate brand, store or product updates and marketing campaign messages to a large number of customers who have opted-in through WhatsApp, enabling smarter delivery, better customer engagement and increased motivation to buy. These capabilities include:

  • Delivery targeting through tags: Tags can be used to segment customers and deliver messages to desired customer segments,
  • Message delivery scheduling: Delivery of messages can be scheduled in advance and matched to timings where targeted customers are more active, effectively increasing message open and click-through rates,
  • Robust media delivery: In addition to plain text messages, media content including photos and URLs can also be delivered, enabling AnyChat users to visually convey product attractiveness and attract the interest of recipients,
  • Post-broadcast distribution: Analyze overall results for a determined period of time and perform comparative analyses, including number of deliveries, open rates, click rates, and other measurement metrics.

AnyChat users can leverage WhatsApp for customer engagement, together with other messaging and chat tools such as LINE, Instagram Direct Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Lazada chat and Shopee chat, all on a single platform. This enables the streamlining of customer chat communication and improves the management of customer relationships.

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