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FourM gains GCPP Premier Partner status

FourM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter FourM) a subsidiary of AnyMind Group, is pleased to announce that FourM is certified as a “GCPP Premier Partner”, the highest level partner of Google’s “GCPP” (Google Certified Publishing Partner) program.

■What is GCPP (Google Certified Publishing Partner)
GCPP is Google’s Accredited Proxy system for site/app operators.
Partners certified with GCPP can make comprehensive and strategic proposals for Google’s various products, Web Publishers and App Developers, and strive for long-term business growth.

■What is GCPP Premier Partner

Google provides solutions such as Google AdSense, Google Ad Exchange, Google Analytics, Firebase, AdMob, Technical Support, A/B Testing, Data Analysis, Revenue Maximization, and a GCPP has special certification to use these products with publishers.

Premier Partner is the highest level of the partner status certified to the top partners with particularly outstanding performance and expert knowledge.

GCPP Premier Partners are selected for the certain partners that have the professional knowledge and skills of Google Ad Manager or AdSense, and meet strict criteria. For publishing companies or media companies that use those services, partners selected as the Premier Partners will be a key partner for providing quality and reliable service.

■Benefits of being certified as the GCPP Premier Partner
Partners that are certified as GCPP Premier Partners can get priority access for testing new products that Google releases. Premier Partners can also create case studies using Google products, and can be invited to the Premier Partner exclusive events. Support system from Google is strengthened and Premier Partners get 1-on-1 support from the GCPP team as well. This special access will play a very important role in helping publishers to increase their revenue and to deal with issues more quickly.

■Comment from FourM Deputy Head Kazuma Watamoto
It is a great honour that we have been selected as a GCPP Premier Partner out of many candidates. We would like to thank all of our clients and our partners. We have always supported the web publishers and app developers since we established in 2009. We maintained the value of being “Publisher First”.

This time, us being selected as a Premier Partner is what we are evaluated for the attitude we kept. As a GCPP Premier Partner, we will support our clients and partners even more.

From now on, we will continue to contribute to support publishers with “Publisher First” in mind, and support their revenue growth while ensuring the their brand safety.

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