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AnyMind Group powers beauty bodywear D2C brand “miour” to launch new undergarment product

Product developed based on feedback from 10,000 people, and will go on sale on 26 August 2022 at 20:30 JST

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that it has supported “miour” a beauty bodywear brand by Mio Sakuma, for the launch of its latest product, the “Essential Support Panties.” Sakuma is a qualified body posture and lymph care therapist who rose in popularity through her YouTube channel. The new product will go on sale on the“miour” official online storeon 26 August 2022, 8:30 PM Japan Standard Time.

The brand’s flagship product, the “Essential Night Bra,” was sold out within the first minute of launch, whilst the seven subsequent launches of the product (including new colors) were sold out within the same day. The “Essential Night Bra” provides the wearer with 360° support and creates natural curves, and has received highly positive feedback and reviews.

The “Essential Support Panties” can be worn as a set with the “Essential Night Bra,” and has three key benefits: Hip lift, pelvic support and stomach support. Feedback from close to 10,000 users was collected when developing this product, and considerations were made to ensure the product provided support without being too tight, and did not dig in/roll up on outerwear, ultimately finding a balance between comfort and functionality.

On the launch of the “Essential Support Panties,” Sakuma said: “I’ve been quite obsessive about my body and had more trouble than most, but I’m so happy that many people are satisfied with the night bra I had put my heart and soul into. For the first time, I’m proud of my personality! Once again, based on your feedback, we’ve been obsessively making the best support undergarments that we can! We don’t like things that are uncomfortable to wear, no matter how good they make you look, and so we made them as comfortable as our night bras, but with excellent functionality. We also paid close attention to the soft-to-the-touch lace material and height of the gusset, which was a popular item on the survey we ran. We would be very happy if you could use this along with our night bras as a companion in your healthy and beautiful body life.”

Essential Support Panties

Gently supports the hips, pelvis and stomach 24 hours a day
・The gentle feel of the material and moderate support provides both functionality and comfort
・Material is soft to the touch and provides moderate support, making it functional yet comfortable to wear
・Extended leg openings to minimize effect on outerwear and prevent bumps

Price: ¥3,480 (tax included)
Colors: Black / White / Mauve Pink / Pale Blue
Sizes: S・M・L・LL・3L

(Set) Essential Night Bra and Panties
You can have a beautiful body just by wearing this
This top and bottom set includes the popular “Essential Night Bra” and “Essential Support Panties.”

Price: ¥8,460 (tax included) Colors: Black / White / Mauve Pink / Pale Blue
Essential Night Bra sizes: XS・S・Sg・M・Mg・L・Lg
Essential Support Panties sizes: S・M・L・LL・3L

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