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D2C apparel brand Lantinam launches first official brand book to commemorate 1st anniversary

Collaboration between former Nogizaka46 members Sayuri Matsumura (creator of Lantinam) and Manatsu Akimoto

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that Lantinam, a direct-to-consumer apparel brand created by Sayuri Matsumura, will, on June 12, 2023, be launching its first official brand book titled: “Lantinam 1st ANNIVERSARY BOOK” to commemorate its first anniversary as a brand.

The brand book will preview Lantinam’s “‘23 Summer Collection” and depicts this in the form of a chronological storyline. It showcases Lantinam’s unique style of design and how the brand’s apparel can be worn in different settings. In addition, Manatsu Akimoto will also be featured in the brand book in an interview with Matsumura on life after leaving Nogizaka46, future goals, and other opinions.

The brand book will also come in a tote bag, and is available in brick-and-motar bookstores nationwide, online bookstores and selected convenience stores.

Lantinam was created by Sayuri Matsumura, a former member of Nogizaka46, and is currently an actress, model and television personality in Japan. Matsumura leveraged on AnyMind Group’s products including AnyX, AnyFactory, AnyLogi and AnyChat, to launch and power the brand’s digital commerce.

For more information about the brand book and tote bag, click here.

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