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AnyMind Group adds Instagram Reels analytics to AnyTag

The company’s influencer marketing platform can now pull Reels data through Instagram’s official API

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that it has added a new Instagram Reels analytics feature to its influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, enabling marketers and users to easily view and analyze Instagram Reel posts for influencer marketing campaigns, with data pulled using Instagram’s official API.

The new feature is now available for influencer marketing campaigns using Instagram Reels that are run through the AnyTag platform, and data such as number of Reels posts, average number of comments, engagement rate, and average number of views on Reels posts can now be matched with individual influencer performance for such campaigns.

This follows Meta’s announcement and commencement of rollout of its Reels API to developers on 28 June 2022, and the latest functionality is compatible with the latest API specifications, making it easier for marketers to understand and measure the impact of influencer marketing campaigns.

At present, AnyTag enables marketers to discover, activate, manage, attribute and report on influencer marketing campaigns across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter through a single platform, and also provides marketers with social media analytics for their own brand accounts. The platform provides marketers with access to over 300,000 influencers and influencer data points (as of April 2022). AnyTag is also connected to sister platform AnyCreator, a mobile app and web platform that enables influencers to join campaigns, analyze their own social media accounts, and create their own link in bio. In addition, AnyCreator also provides invite-only features to influencers such as fan management, email and chat communication, and survey functionalities.

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