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AnyMind Group rolls out offerings in Thailand to help creators capitalize on TikTok Shop

From webinars and brand collaborations to tools that help creators grow

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that it now provides content creators and social media influencers (creators) in Thailand with offerings to help them accelerate their move onto TikTok Shop. Creators can apply through this link.

These offerings include:

  • The ability to fast-track creators to becoming TikTok affiliates and sellers
  • Support for the selection of products from brands, or the creation of products for creator-owned brands through AnyFactory
  • Webinars to provide training and knowledge to creators on how to maximize opportunities on TikTok and TikTok Shop
  • Collaborations with brands using AnyTag for influencer marketing, delivered to creators through the AnyCreator app
  • TikTok account analytics through AnyCreator and monthly income reports
  • Provision of studios to creators for live streaming across two locations in Bangkok
  • Link in bio tool through AnyCreator that enables creators to create, manage and track their own link in bio

On the new offerings, Punsak Limvatanayingyong, Thailand Country Manager and Managing Director of Creator Growth, AnyMind Group, said: “As we enter the era of next-generation commerce, we’re powering this shift not just for businesses but also creators, and we will continue to find even more ways for creators to grow. We have already built one of the largest available offerings for creators across Asia, as we look to power the creator economy in Thailand and Asia.”

At present, AnyMind Group’s offerings for creators span from channel and account monetization and optimization, and content support, to the ability to create and grow their own brands and products through platforms such as AnyFactory, AnyLogi and AnyChat.

The company also provides creators with AnyCreator, a web and mobile app platform, for creators to collaborate with brands, track social media analytics across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, and invite-only features for fan management, chat, email, and surveys.

These offerings are housed under one of two business lines for the company, called “Partner Growth,” alongside the company’s solutions for web and app publishers through AnyManager.

The other business line, “Brand Commerce,” includes the company’s platforms for manufacturing (AnyFactory), e-commerce (AnyX and AnyChat), marketing (AnyDigital and AnyTag), and logistics (AnyLogi). Customers in Partner Growth can also tap on tools in Brand Commerce.

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