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Japanese model and talent Rinko Murata taps on AnyMind Group to launch D2C accessories and fragrance brand ANU

ANU’s first collection, Luna, will launch on October 23, 8:00 PM JST on the brand’s official online store

AnyMind Group, a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced that Japanese model and talent, Rinko Murata, leveraged a combination of the company’s proprietary platforms including AnyX, AnyLogi, AnyChat and AnyFactory, to launch her accessories and fashion brand, ANU.

The first collection by ANU, which features items such as earrings, necklaces and rings, will be available for purchase from October 23, 2023, at 8:00 PM Japan Standard Time, on the brand’s official online store.

Rinko Murata, known for her role as the director of the apparel brand “idem,” has extensive experience in product creation and has also made appearances as a model and talent in fashion magazines, major fashion shows, radio, and advertisements. She is a multifaceted individual, even contributing her own columns.

Now, Rinko Murata is launching her first-ever brand, “ANU,” which specializes in accessories and fragrances.

The brand name “ANU” is inspired by the ancient extraterrestrial beings known as the “Anunnaki,” believed to be the origins of humanity. Director Rinko Murata will create a unique story for each collection, centered around the protagonist “ANU,” who encounters young girls and witnesses their growth. The brand will offer items that reflect this captivating story.

On the launch of her brand, Murata said: “ANU is someone’s story, the seam of your imagination. I hope it becomes your courage and your charm. As I go through each day, I express the warm, sincere, and human feelings that well up from within me through creativity and words.”

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