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AnyMind Group enables Japanese YouTuber, JINJIN, to launch apparel brand JINCL

Four genderless and free-size “children’s clothing for adults” apparel items now available

AnyMind Group, a company that develops and provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, together with JINJIN, who is one half of Japanese YouTube duo Paparapys, have today announced the launch of apparel brand JINCL. The first lineup consists of four apparel items, including DAIJOBUSO hoodie, GET ALONG! hoodie and more, and are now available on the JINCL official online store from 18 February 2021, 19:00 Japan Standard Time.

JINCL official online store :
JINCL official Instagram :

JINJIN was involved throughout the planning and production process, including the selection of materials, colors, designs and sizes, and the impetus behind selecting and ultimately coming out with the final apparel line is to express childlike excitement and innocence through his line of products. With this concept, JINJIN wanted to create apparel items that are unisex and free-size, and can be worn in a variety of ways and paired with other clothing items. AnyMind Group provided JINJIN with comprehensive support for planning, designing and producing his envisioned apparel, using tools like AnyFactory and AnyShop.

■ Size range of JINCL products|About the brand’s “J” size
JINCL apparel is available in two sizes: “F” (free-size) and “J”. “J” size is JINCL’s own super-oversized size, made to fit the body shape of a “JINJIN.” Depending on desired fashion styling, a person can choose whichever way they want to wear the hoodie.

■ JINCL products
・Genderless and free-size apparel that can be worn in a wide variety of fun styles ・Sizes and details such as slits that allow people of all shapes and sizes to wear the apparel ・Fun graphics that portray JINJIN’s own personality

■ JINCL|Product lineup



available sizes(F・J)・color(pink) A hoodie that is embroidered with JINJIN’s famous line: “Are you okay?” It is a hoodie with vintage-looking strings and a chest-pocket like that of Doraemon.



size(F・J)・color(blue) A gorilla being chased by a princess with a cucumber…is this Paparapys? The hoodie features a cute string that can be tied, printed with a character



size(F・J)・color(Orange and brown) This sweatshirt features the JINCL brand embroidered on the chest, and has varied colored sleeves and side slits.



size(F・J)・color(Light blue) Use up all the mayonnaise! This sweatshirt features the words “USE UP MAYONNAISE” and scribbled over with a “dash of mayonnaise,” and prominently placed on the chest. The sweatshirt also has varied colored sleeves and side slits.

■ JINJIN profile

Born on 5 December 1994, JINJIN is a member of YouTube duo Paparapys. JINJIN has gained the adoration of fans by being funny and natural.

YouTube : Twitter : Instagram :

■Note from JINJIN Hi, everyone! 〜! My name is JINJIN!! I’ve always had an incredibly round and large body, and I’ve always wanted to be fashionable, but I’ve never had a lot of clothing options to wear. Sometimes I think to myself: “I want to be fashionable, but there aren’t many clothes that I can wear…I wish there was a bigger version of that top…” For 26 years, I just wore anything that had my size, and to be honest, I was very sad and frustrated. With that context, I wanted to create a brand of cute clothing that I can wear without worrying about my body shape. I dreamed of creating a brand of cute clothes that people could wear without worrying about their body shape. I would like anyone who has had the same experience to be able to wear my clothes. At the same time, I was very particular about apparel details, such as the hoodie strings and slits on sweatshirts. I want to introduce cute and stylish products that are not only sizeless, but also brings out your inner JINJIN and help you get “that exciting feeling you had as a child.” I now have this opportunity to introduce products that I would have given up on finding in the past. I want you to wear it not because you like me as a YouTuber, but because you believe in my motivation behind creating JINCL. To all the people who love fashion, let’s enjoy fashion from the bottom of our hearts with JINCL!

■ YouTube video by JINJIN About the launch of JINCL

■About Paparapys パパラピーズ宣材 Paparapys consist of two YouTubers: Jinjin and Tanakaga. Making their debut on YouTube in 2018, they are fast gaining popularity in Japan.

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