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AnyMind Group appoints Country Managers for Taiwan and Vietnam, Managing Director for product development

New appointments to further the company’s mission to make every business borderless

Left to right: Nguyen Thi Ha My, Country Manager, Vietnam; Ryuji Takemoto, Managing Director, Product Development; Wing Lee, Country Manager, Taiwan

AnyMind Group, a business enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for marketers, publishers, business owners and influencers, has today announced three leadership appointments, including Nguyen Thi Ha My as Country Manager, Vietnam, Ryuji Takemoto as Managing Director, Product Development, and Wing Lee as Country Manager, Taiwan.

Nguyen Thi Ha My, Country Manager, Vietnam, AnyMind Group Nguyen Thi Ha My has been promoted to Country Manager, Vietnam, AnyMind Group. She joined AnyMind Group in 2018 as Head of Integrated Business, Vietnam, AnyMiind Group, and previously held roles across the marketing and advertising industry in Vietnam, including Happiness Saigon, Daybreak Digital, Dream Incubator and Customer Smile JSC.

She is responsible for AnyMind Group’s business and operations for Vietnam, encompassing over 140 staff across two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and one office in Hanoi.

On her appointment, Ha My said: “2021 is a very exciting year for AnyMind Group in Vietnam, and we will begin the rollout of several initiatives that leads us towards becoming a brand enablement platform for individuals and businesses, further strengthening our offerings for the market. In this unprecedented era of evolution, it’s crucial to increase the value and role technology plays and increasing efficient return on investment for our customers.”

Ryuji Takemoto, Managing Director, Product Development, AnyMind Group Ryuji Takemoto, formerly Head of Product Development, AnyMind Group, has been promoted to Managing Director of Product Development, AnyMind Group. In his role, Takemoto is responsible for leading the product development team based out of Tokyo, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. The team works across AnyMind Group’s proprietary platforms including AnyTag, AnyCreator, AnyFactory, AnyLogi, AnyManager and AnyDigital.

Prior to joining AnyMind Group in 2016, Takemoto worked in product development for various companies across mobile applications, games and news applications, along with a Japan-based ad network that he co-founded.

On his appointment, Takemoto said: “In the past year, AnyMind Group has accelerated and diversified into new areas including cloud manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics, all driven by the same philosophy behind our flagship influencer and digital marketing products: easy-to-use but powerful platforms. We’re looking to help drive the business more in the coming year, with a highly experienced and innovative engineering team across Asia working on seven exciting platforms.”

Wing Lee, Country Manager, Taiwan, AnyMind Group The company has also appointed Wing Lee as Country Manager, Taiwan, AnyMind Group. She joins AnyMind Group from Dotmore Media where she spent close to a decade at, and was most recently Vice General Manager. In her new role, Lee oversees business and operations in Taiwan across AnyMind Group’s offerings in influencer marketing, cloud manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, media monetization and advertising.

On her appointment, Lee said: “I’m excited to help grow the business in Taiwan further. AnyMind Group has a strong mission to make every business borderless, including providing influencers, marketers, publishers and businesses with strong platforms to grow. I’m looking forward to creating long term value for our various customer segments be it through digital marketing, influencer marketing and D2C, and drive the growth for everyone in Taiwan.”

On the new appointments, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group said: “Over the past year, we have bolstered our leadership in key roles across the region. As we continue our evolution and expansion from a marketing company into areas like cloud manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and direct-to-consumer enablement, it is highly important that we equip ourselves with highly capable and adaptable leaders. I am certain of future growth from our leadership as individuals, as a team, and as a company.”

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