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Hidetoshi Nakata opens his first YouTube channel【Hidetoshi Nakata Official】today! Started to distribute content worldwide.

AnyUp, a joint-venture between AnyMind Group and SUNNY SIDE UP, jointly operate the official channel.

AnyUp, a joint venture between AnyMind Group and SUNNY SIDE UP Co., Ltd., has launched the Official YouTube channel of world-famous football player Hidetoshi Nakata【Hidetoshi Nakata Official】and will start operating today.

All the videos of Nakata’s official channel will be in English and spread globally. The YouTube channel with provide audiences with insight into “The whole Hidetoshi Nakata”, including stories that have been rarely shared with the mass media. This is the very first time that content by Hidetoshi Nakata is officially distributed on YouTube.

AnyUp will continue to expand its influencer marketing business, starting with the opening of this official YouTube channel. The company will also accelerate the development of a creator support business that helps the opening and operation of YouTube channel for celebrities, talents and athletes.

■Official YouTube Channel

Hidetoshi Nakata Official

■About The First Video

– Visiting five clubs in Serie A: The 20-year sports career of Hidetoshi Nakata The Serie A is the highest tier of Italy’s professional football league system, and the video looks at five clubs and cities where Hidetoshi Nakata has turned out for since moving to Perugia. Visiting each stadium, including turning out for A.C. Perugia Calcio and the glorious A.S. Roma – playing alongside Italian football legend, Francesco Totti. Looking back on his life as a professional football player whilst sharing stories of his playing career, as well as rediscover the charm of Italian cities that went unnoticed om the past, recounting the transition to Italy and the Serie A.

■About Hidetoshi Nakata

Nakata was born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1977. He joined the J-League in 1995 and moved to A.C.Perugia in Italy Serie A in 1998. Since then, he has been active in top European football clubs for eight seasons and participated in three consecutive tournaments in the World Cup. After his retirement, he has visited 47 prefectures in Japan and has worked on a number of projects that convey and promote the appeal of Japanese culture. In 2015, he established “Japan Craft Sake Company”, which currently focuses on Japanese sake and traditional crafts. He is now a Special Olympics International Headquarters Global Ambassador, “HEROs” Ambassador to support social contribution activities through sports, and sits on the International Football Council Advisory Panel.

■【About AnyUp】

AnyUp will leverage AnyMind Group’s network and platform in Asia to develop ① influencer marketing and ② creator support as the main business areas.

① Influencer marketing

Support the PR & promotion for companies and organizations within the influencer marketing domain. Utilizing AnyUp’s influencer network to the fullest, we offer one-stop services such as planning, influencer selection, content production, and report analysis to meet the needs of clients. We are also expanding our PRTech functions to further spread information by using our experienced PR knowledge as well as take advantage of influencers when sending information such as press releases and news.

② Creator support

Provide services to support the opening and management of YouTube Channel for celebrities, talents, and athletes. Also offer management duties (shooting, editing, production, monetization, matching with advertisers, etc.) for activities on video platforms like YouTube.

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