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AnyMind Group partners with Dai Viet Group for limitless automotive media solutions

Partnership looks to create an ultimate digital advertising & sales solution for the automotive industry

AnyMind Group, a technology company that produces software in direct-to-consumer, cloud manufacturing, entertainment tech, marketing tech and HR tech, has today announced a partnership with Dai Viet Group (DVG), one of the top companies in Vietnam and Asia in the field of information technology and communication.

Connective Ecosystem & Marketing Solutions for the automotive industry

Dai Viet Group (DVG), through its AutoPortal Global (AP Global) group, hosts a massive automotive portal network across the globe, focusing on a comprehensive Automotive Listing Platform, ushering in an up-to-date Automotive News Hub, and building an interactive Automotive Community Network.

The partnership between DVG and AnyMind Group ushers in the mutual use of technology from both companies. Through this alliance, both companies aim to optimize both their ecosystems and marketing tech solutions, allowing brands and businesses to approach buyers seamlessly and effectively throughout their online car shopping experience.

AnyMind Group and AutoPortal Global leads

Left to right: Mr Tu Nguyen, Country head, Indian Market, AutoPortal Global; Ms Vi Hoang, Country head, Nigerian Market, AutoPortal Global; Ms Nhung Pham, Senior Platform Operations Executive, AnyMind Group; Ms Trang Le, Publisher Engagement Manager, AnyMind Group; Ms Thao Dao, Media Sales Director, AutoPortal Global; Mr Hoang Vu, COO, AutoPortal Global; Ms Anh Nguyen, Country Head, Philippine Market, AutoPortal Global; Ms Thuy Le, Country head, Thailand Market, AutoPortal Global.

DVG & AnyMind Group to offer more for brands & marketers across seven markets

Through this partnership, DVG and AnyMind Group will look to create an ultimate digital advertising & sales solution for the automotive industry, driven by data and automation systems. With this, both companies aim to improve the automotive ecosystem in the seven countries where AP Global operates.

AP Global’s group of online automotive portals will use AnyMind Group’s AdAsia360 platform – a monetization platform that enables online publishers to consolidate, manage, and track their revenue streams across multiple supply-side platforms and ad networks. It also provides publishers with features such as AdAsia Tag Service, header bidding, integration with Google Analytics, automated pricing optimization, third-party ad verification, visibility, and brand safety tools.

AnyMind Group will also provide resources from its CastingAsia Creators Network to optimize AP Global’s owned social media channels. This includes incubating and grooming AP Global’s in-house talents, including those featured on its YouTube channels, further growing its social media presence through training, content production support, collaboration opportunities, and social media monetization.

Mr. Hoang Vu, COO, AutoPortal Global, said: “Our collaboration provides solutions for the entire automotive industry, benefiting both the buyers and the sellers. The solutions are not limited to car buying and selling, but also benefit anything related to the automotive industry such as car financing, car insurance, car accessories, and spare parts sourcing, among others.”

Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director, Publisher Engagement, AnyMind Group, said: “We’re experiencing an evolution in how online publishers are monetizing their various opportunities. Throughout our fast-growth, we have removed our borders, and now have the opportunity to empower Dai Viet Group to remove their borders by unlocking greater potential across a range of opportunities.”

About Dai Viet Group Dai Viet Group (DVG) was founded in 2006, with pioneering aspirations and investment strategy, sustainable development, DVG’s goal is to become one of the leading corporations in Vietnam and Asia in the field of information technology and communication.

DVG includes a worldwide impression of more than 90 websites covering automotive, technology and gaming, dining, female and lifestyle, sports and health, and travel – including AutoPortal Global, a group of automotive portals in seven (7) markets including (Vietnam), IndianAuto (India), Chobrod (Thailand), (the Philippines), (Indonesia), (Mexico), and (Nigeria) – approaching approximately 18.8 million users every month.

About AutoPortal Global AutoPortal Global (AP Global) is one of the major projects of Dai Viet Group. AP Global’s bevy of websites offers listing platforms that are the best-known for buying and selling cars in seven (7) different countries: (Vietnam), IndianAuto (India), Chobrod (Thailand), (the Philippines), (Indonesia), (Mexico), and (Nigeria).

Through cutting-edge technology and dedicated glo-cal talents, AP Global ambitiously develops 360-degree solutions for the automotive industry, to provide the right information to the right people at the right time for both buyers and sellers, using innovative technology at the core of product development.

With over twelve (12) years of experience in the field, AP Global has become a pioneering platform in using the internet, digital, and media solutions, with more than 350 Facebook fan pages, 10 YouTube channels, 90 websites, and more than 40 Instagram channels.

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