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POKKT brings CastingAsia to India, one of Asia’s biggest Influencer Marketing platforms

CastingAsia is a leading influencer marketing platform that will use POKKT’s market leadership in India to bring measurability and transparency in the influencer marketing segment

AnyMind Group, a technology company in the marketing, entertainment, HR and direct-to-consumer (D2C) industries, has announced the launch of influencer marketing platform, CastingAsia, in India through their Indian subsidiary, POKKT. CastingAsia is a full-stack influencer management platform, that is paired with CastingAsia Creators Network, one of the largest influencers and creators’ networks in Asia. The influencer marketing platform will be rolled out in India by AnyMind Group’s Indian outfit — POKKT, a leading in-app mobile gaming ads platform – along with a specialized team deployed for the Indian market.

With a bid to democratize influencer marketing and significantly systemize the ecosystem in India, CastingAsia is an end-to-end solution that includes influencer discovery and analysis, campaign and content management, and real-time reporting and attribution; and is known for its vast database of 170,000 influencers and influencer data points, reaching a total potential audience of over 72 million users across the continent.

CastingAsia Creators Network is home to exclusive and non-exclusive influencers and content creators including celebrities, musicians, athletes, leading photographers, entertainers and more. With the Indian market size hovering over Rs. 700 crores, CastingAsia aims to capture a significant chunk of the segment’s market share. In the past year alone, CastingAsia ran over 1,300 multi-tiered campaigns globally across various performance metrics including cost-per-click and cost-per-action metrics, which help marketers attribute better to business impact, and also standard metrics like cost-per-like and cost-per-share.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder, AnyMind Group said, “India represents a unique opportunity – not just for businesses in India to scale domestically or overseas, but also businesses outside of India that are looking to reach Indian audiences. We are looking to bring influencer marketing up another level in India, and further develop the influencer marketing ecosystem. I believe that the Indian market has tremendous potential, and we will create more efficient, impactful and powerful influencer marketing. Moreover, with the successful presence in over 13 markets across the globe, we aim to capitalize on our tech and expert capabilities and provide Indian marketers with diverse options, that help them with more powerful storytelling.”

Rohit Sharma, COO of AnyMind group and Co-Founder of POKKT said, “Since POKKT’s Acquisition by AnyMind Group in March this year, this is a huge initiative for us and we are immensely committed to this project in terms of Investments and resources in the Indian market. With multiple marketing firms entering the lucrative segment of influencer marketing, we aim to introduce a systematic and measurable system, in the otherwise relatively fragmented market.”

“Moreover, we aim to leverage POKKT’s existing market leadership position and deep ties with Advertisers & Marketeers to catapult the CastingAsia business to great heights,” Sharma added.

CastingAsia aims to address the challenge of spending countless hours on manual analysis and content management by automation, including reporting, attribution, accumulation and analysis of past project results. Moreover, shortlisting of influencers will be data-driven, rather than relying on a “gut feeling”; and brands will now be able to see real-time updates on their campaigns like never before, along with the ability to run multiple campaigns at the same time. A few of the select functions that will be made available to marketers include, campaign content management, influencer marketplace campaigns, powerful attribution and reporting capabilities, social media account management, dedicated and multilingual support, amongst other features. From a diversity perspective, CastingAsia will include a vast array of influencers that will cater to the bespoke brand needs of the evolving market.

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