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Influencer marketing and beauty salon signage service in Japan, combining AnyTag and BEAUTINISTA TV

Enabling physical and digital impact to reach 1.5 million beauty salon visitors and SNS users

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform company, has today announced a collaboration with CMerTV to provide a new influencer marketing service targeting customers who visit beauty salons and social media users in Japan, through a combination of AnyTag, AnyMind Group’s influencer marketing platform, and BEAUTINISTA TV, a digital signage media in beauty salons across Japan.

This combined offering enables marketers to tap on more than 300 hairstylists across Japan with a combined following of 1.5 million users, and leverage on AnyTag for detailed analytics and insighst of the hairstylists, including follower demographics, performance, sentiment analysis and more. These hairstylists come from beauty salons that have BEAUTINISTA TV screens installed, and marketers can also leverage on BEAUTINISTA TV to deliver advertisement content, further diversifying touchpoints in which a user can interact with a brand.

※This is not an advertisement distribution or PR posting in which the beautician guarantees or recommends the efficacy, effectiveness or performance of the product.

During a trial conducted before the time of this announcement, it was found that users who came into contact with paid posts of beautician influencers and advertisements delivered in the beauty salon, increased interest by 39.6% and purchase intent by 41.2%, compared to users who did not come into contact with either channel. In addition, purchase intent increased by 12.4% if a user viewed both channels, compared to a user who only viewed the advertisement.

Summary of the trial Advertiser: A major consumer goods manufacturer Product name: Oral care product Implementation period : advertisement distribution / June 22 – July 21 2020; Instagram campaign / July 15 – July 21 2020 Number of hairstylist influencers used: 8 (total followers: 250,000)

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