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AnyMind Group launches cloud manufacturing platform, AnyFactory

Aim to connect individuals and businesses with factories across Asia

AnyMind Group, a company in the marketing technology, entertainment technology and HR technology industries, has today announced the launch of AnyFactory, a cloud manufacturing platform that connects individuals and businesses with factories across Asia.

Starting with apparel and cosmetic manufacturers, the objective of AnyFactory is to help individuals and businesses produce a wide variety of products within the shortest amount of time at the best price and quality, instead of mass-producing a single product in that same amount of time.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group said: “Many have experienced how we wanted to create something but lack time, resources or are unsure of where to start. Individuals, startups, SMEs and enterprises can now source the best suppliers from Asia and manufacture customized products at scale. Ultimately, we want to enable anyone around the world to easily create their own brand and products.”

Initially, AnyFactory will be rolled out to AnyMind Group’s direct-to-consumer business line, leveraging on a customer pool of social media influencers and talents. The platform will ease the production process and enable influencers to design, source and produce their own branded-merchandise. The company has worked with Thai influencers Nisamanee (@nisamanee_nutt) and Mayyr (@mayyr_) through AnyFactory to produce their own merchandise.

AnyFactory platform

More recently, AnyMind Group made an investment in fitness apparel brand LÝFT, by athlete and entrepreneur, Edward Kato (@edward_kato_fitness_jp), and is also using AnyFactory.

AnyMind Group Business Structure May 2020

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