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D2C brand ARAKA launches fishing lure created through user feedback 

This D2C brand is a project created in partnership with UUUM, and sales of the new item will begin on Saturday, 16 April 2022 at 8 p.m. JST

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has once again teamed up with UUUM, a Japan-based multi-channel network and a leader in creator management and content marketing, to help UUUM’s exclusive creator, Tsuriyokadesyou, launch their latest product, the ARAKA JIG ver. 1.0, which is described by the brand as the ultimate standard lure created based on user feedback and inputs. The product will be launched on 16 April 2022 at 8 p.m. Japan Standard time on the ARAKA official online store.

To give shape to Tsuriyokadesyou’s idea, P2C Studio, a group company of UUUM, tapped on AnyMind Group’s platforms including AnyFactory, AnyShop, AnyLogi and AnyChat, for planning, design, production, e-commerce enablement, logistics and conversational commerce.

In conjunction with the launch of the new product, the “ARAKA FES 2022 SPRING” campaign will be held from 23 April 2022, in which users can win prizes by posting about fish caught using the ARAKA JIG ver. 1.0 on social media.

⚫︎ARAKA JIG ver.1.0

The ARAKA JIG Ver. 1.0 is the result of Tsuriyokadesyou’s enjoyment of fishing and their past fishing experiences, and their desire to create the ultimate standard lure that is easy to use for a wide range of users – from beginners who have just started fishing to experienced anglers. The creation of this lure began in February 2021, and after a year of development and reiteration following user feedback, this lure is finally on sale.

The ARAKA JIG uses a shape that replicates silverfish bait, and the asymmetrical design was designed by calculating the resistance of water currents, which allows for a wobbling motion even when the line is slack. The lure’s center of gravity is focused on the rear of the jig, enabling it to be cast over long distances. The lure is also equipped with high-strength hooks on the front and rear, and painted with a thick and strong coating to resist obstructions and fish bites.

With the initial version of the product, ARAKA is looking to develop and offer products through a new development process in the future.

Golden Sunset (Red and Gold)

Rich Forest (Green and Gold)

Cold Wind (Silver)

Sandy Beach (Pink and Gold)

Deep Sea (Blue and Silver)

ARAKA JIG ver.1.0
Minimum order quantity is three pieces. The ARAKA JIG ver 1.0 comes in three different weights and five different colors, and customers can choose any combination.

Price per piece
20g/¥1,200 (¥1,320 including tax)
40g/¥1,250 (¥1,375 including tax)
60g/¥1,300 (¥1,430 including tax)

ARAKA JIG ver.1.0 (Complete set)
The complete set includes all 15 types of colors and weights in a set

Price of set
Price: ¥18,100 (¥19,910 including tax)


The ARAKA FES 2022 SPRING campaign is open to all ARAKA JIG purchasers, and will be held on Instagram and Twitter from Saturday, 23 April 2022.

Participants can post images and videos of fish caught using the ARAKA JIG ver 1.0 with the hashtag #ARAKAフェス2022春. Selected winners will have a chance to win fishing gear selected by the members of Tsuriyokadesyou, including clothing from outdoor brand Colombia, and ARAKA products.

Period: 23 April 2022 to 22 May 2022
PaArticipation method: Post a photo of ARAKA JIG ver 1.0 and the caught fish on Instagram or Twitter with the specified hashtag
Hashtag: #ARAKAフェス2022春
Event page:
A▶︎2 winners of fishing equipment selected by Tsuriyokadesyou
B▶︎3 winners of Columbia Outdoor wear
C▶︎5 winners of ARAKA JEANS

Comments by Tsuriyokadesyou’s Kimu:
I am very happy to finally launch a product that has to do with fishing!
All members of Tsuriyokadesyou love fishing, and this time we wanted to make it simple, and the size and weight to be easy to cast from shores. Making “catch fish simply by reeling in!” as the concept, we spent almost a year to complete, starting from molding clay to doing a lot of trial and error.

It is a standard jig which you can’t have too many of, so I hope it will be a go
od company for your next fishing trip!

Video content about the launch

The product development process was documented from planning to design and product testing. The video content shows not just the thoughts and feelings of Tsuriyokadesyou’s members, but also their commitment to product development.


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