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AnyMind Group launches e-commerce management platform AnyX

AnyX connects various e-commerce channels and AnyMind Group platforms, helping businesses increase efficiency across online commerce channels

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced the launch of AnyX, a one-stop e-commerce management platform for individuals and businesses that connects various e-commerce channels and AnyMind Group’s various platforms for manufacturing, e-commerce enablement, conversational commerce, marketing and logistics.

With the variety of broad and niche e-commerce marketplaces and platforms available today, a business typically has to operate its e-commerce stores individually across various channels. This includes having to manually create and update new products and product stock on each platform, manage operations individually on each platform, and monitor and track each online store individually.

Through AnyX, an individual or business can manage operations across e-commerce marketplaces and platforms, and consolidate and activate data across available e-commerce stores, AnyMind Group’s own platforms along with third-party platforms that are essential for online commerce. With AnyX, businesses can also easily embark on cross-border e-commerce activities by tapping on the platform’s integrations with e-commerce marketplaces across the region.

At launch, AnyX is connected to:

  • Regional e-commerce marketplaces and platforms: Shopee, Lazada, Rakuten, Amazon, and Shopify
  • AnyMind Group’s platforms: AnyFactory (manufacturing), AnyManager (analytics, monetization, and UX improvement), AnyChat (conversational commerce), AnyTag (influencer marketing and social media analytics), AnyDigital (digital marketing), and AnyLogi (logistics management)

AnyMind Group is also working on connecting further with local or niche Asian e-commerce marketplaces and more third-party applications, and will integrate future products that the company develops. In the near future, AnyX will also support the automated triggering of actions across platforms, including order management, inventory allocation and management, and revenue/pricing management.

On the launch of AnyX, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group said: “Over the years, we have constantly made it exciting for everyone to do business through our technology, and AnyX is yet another milestone for us as an end-to-end commerce enablement company. We will continue to connect even more functions across our proprietary product suite, enabling easier and more exciting commerce for all. We’re looking to advance next-generation commerce by enabling commerce to be done anywhere, bringing forth a world where every business is borderless.”

AnyX is now available to AnyMind Group customers internationally, with customers having the option to use the company’s various platforms individually, or as part of a suite through AnyX.

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