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AnyMind Group adds two more Thai influencers to PopBox

Little Monster and Fit Junctions join influencers such as MayyR, Nisamanee Nutt and Gypso to launch their products on PopBox

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform for influencers, marketers, publishers and businesses, has today announced that Thai influencer, Little Monster, a popular online creator with more than 3 million Facebook followers that creates content around parenting advice, and Fit Junctions, a team of leading fitness trainers in Thailand, will launch their own direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands on AnyMind Group’s PopBox, an online retail store for influencer products.

Both influencers also tapped on AnyMind Group’s D2C for Influencers program to help influencers design, create, launch and sell their own branded merchandise by utilizing tools such as AnyFactory for cloud manufacturing, AnyShop for e-commerce enablement and AnyLogi for logistics management.

Little Monster has launched a product for followers who want to hone cognitive skills of their children. The Little Monster Jigsaw is a puzzle designed to improve the concentration of children from three years old, by honing abilities in observing and remembering including learning about colors and shapes of fruits.

Fit Junctions has launched a lineup of athleisure apparel called the Fit Junctions Collection 2021, including comfortable clothing that can be worn at work or exercise, is durable, well ventilated, and has a premium feel.

In addition, AnyMind Group has also collaborated and provided other Thai influencers to create their own brand and sell their own merchandise, including 11am Shop by MayyR, Land of N by Nisamanee Nutt, and Tatohearts by Gypso.

Apart from PopBox, the company’s offerings in the D2C space include platforms for both influencers and businesses, including AnyFactory, a cloud manufacturing platform, AnyShop, for e-commerce enablement and AnyLogi, a logistics management platform. These offerings power key facets of the business supply chain of influencers and businesses, enabling the creation, selling and easy management of inventory and incoming orders, and are enhanced by AnyMind Group’s offerings in digital marketing, influencer marketing and publisher growth.

Punsak Limvatanayingyong, Country Manager of Thailand and Managing Director of Creator Growth for AnyMind Group, said: “We’re in the next stage of the creator economy, driven not just by the continued growth of influencers and creators today, but also in creating their own brands and products and going directly to consumers. AnyMind can now empower influencers and creators to start and build a fully integrated D2C business. PopBox, our recently launched online store for influencer products, has gained the trust of famous Thai influencers, and this is an important step towards driving every business to become borderless.”

In addition to its D2C business, AnyMind Group provides influencers and creators with AnyCreator, a mobile app and influencer network which provides monetization and collaboration opportunities with brands across the region. For marketers and businesses, they can tap on tools such as AnyTag, one of the most-scaled influencer marketing platforms in Asia, along with AnyDigital for desktop, mobile and DOOH advertising. For online web and app publishers, AnyManager provides a range of features including deep analytics, monetization, user engagement and site build optimization. With this range of platforms, AnyMind Group looks to make every business borderless.

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