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AnyMind Group enters human resource industry with TalentMind

AI-driven recruiting software enables matching of the best fit candidate to any company and role

SINGAPORE – 11 January 2018– AnyMind Group, an organization that aims to transform industries through artificial intelligence, has announced today the launch of TalentMind, a new business unit with a proprietary AI-driven recruiting software that streamlines and enhances the recruitment and hiring process. Human resource professionals can tap on natural language processing (NLP), profile analysis and machine learning to screen, analyze and match prospects to businesses. The integrated platform will be launched across four phases:

1: TalentMind Screening

Leverage social media and résumé data to determine a prospect’s cultural fit and personality through candidate profiles.

2: TalentMind Analytics

Analyze the abilities and personalities of top performers across an organization and develop custom hiring models that evolve in real-time.

3: TalentMind Sourcing

Engage with candidates directly on the platform.

4: TalentMind Matching

Candidate-to-company matching based on organizational hiring and talent models.

After a prospect registers for a profile on the TalentMind platform, recruiters and human resource professionals are able to utilize data from the prospect’s social media platforms and résumé to better understand the person’s behavioral and personality traits, role competency and skills.

Leveraging on learning algorithms, a human resource professional can develop customized hiring models that are optimized in real-time, based on candidate pick up and acceptance rate, existing company culture and core competencies of high-performing staff within the organization. The AI engine will be further enhanced under the supervision of newly appointed advisor to AnyMind Group, Masayasu Morita, CEO, Founder and President of Hitomedia, inc.

These hiring models will also be used to match candidates to organizations, allowing companies to find the candidate who best fits with hiring requirements and organizational culture.

Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group said: “We scaled our headcount very quickly the past 20 months and found areas in the hiring process that could have been optimized. Our human resource team has now integrated TalentMind into their workflow and have used the platform to bring in an additional team for this expanded vertical.”

「The TalentMind Platform is powered by a similar AI-driven matching engine that is being used by sister company, CastingAsia, for influencer marketing.

“We are already utilising our AI engines to drive the matching of social media influencers to brands and are now scaling it into the human resource industry. Ultimately, we want to enable professionals to make smarter decisions with a suite of AI-driven solutions across business lines,” said Sogo.

Since starting operations in April 2016 as AdAsia Holdings, the now 21-month-old AnyMind Group has expanded into 10 offices in nine countries with over 250 staff, and is aiming to expand into 15 offices across 14 countries with a headcount of 400 by the end of 2018.

About AnyMind Group

AnyMind Group was formed in January 2018 and is the parent company of AdAsia Holdings, TalentMind and CastingAsia. Along with a proprietary AI-driven matching engine, AnyMind Group aims to provide industries, businesses and professionals with a suite of solutions to enable greater efficiency and scale. Headquartered in Singapore, AnyMind Group has 10 offices in 9 countries with over 250 staff.

About TalentMind

TalentMind is a human resource technology company that leverages on artificial intelligence to enable recruiters and human resource professionals to streamline the recruitment process. The TalentMind software is powered by machine learning to discover qualified candidates, conduct higher quality interviews and make data-driven hiring decisions – providing businesses with the best fit candidates for a role and business culture.

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