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Japanese model Haruka Murahama launches D2C apparel brand, unclip

Murahama’s apparel line includes items such as overalls and “shirt onesies”

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that develops and provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, together with Japanese model Haruka Murahama, have launched D2C apparel brand, unclip. This is Murahama’s first attempt at creating her own brand, and items will be available on the unclip official online store from 19:00 JST on 9 April 2021.

unclip official online store : ※available from 19:00 JST, 9 April 2021

unclip official Instagram :

Throughout the launch of unclip, Murahama was heavily involved across all aspects of the brand, including the selection of materials, colors and sizes, based on the concept of creating items that are not bound to fashion norms, but rather, items that help the wearer feel at ease just by wearing them. Through AnyMind Group, Murahama was able to realise this concept by tapping on platforms such as AnyFactory and AnyShop and support for the planning, designing and production of her brand and apparel line.

■Key points of unclip
・Simple and natural wear that has been created with keen attention to detail
・Fabric has been selected for maximum comfort
・Fashionable apparel for daily wear

■unclip|Product lineup (partial)
<Big Silhouette Overalls>

¥15,400 (tax inclusive) ivory・blue / F
The Big Silhouette Overalls feature loose and straight denim to help the wearer feel comfortable in any body shape.

Wearers can also roll up the pant sleeves for a more relaxed look. The Big Silhouette Overalls can be worn in a variety of styles to suit any occasion.

<Volume Shirt Dress>

¥6,600(tax inclusive) beige / S・M
This item features an oversized loose shirt with generous body width.

Details such as sleeve volume and tucks on the back are designed to bring a sense of style for wearers.

<Color Knit Vest>

¥8,800(tax inclusive) brown・mustard・light blue / F
The plain design makes it easy to match with a variety of outfits.

The soothing colors bring out sophistication without being too flashy and is unisex.

■Haruka Murahama Profile

Murahama is popular for her “life-sized” cuteness and fashion sense for vintage clothing. She models not just for magazines, but also for online advertisements and starred in a video ad for hair care brand Loretta in September 2019. She has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram :
Twitter :

■Thoughts from Haruka Murahama
I have decided to launch my own brand, unclip.

unclip is inspired by the way film photos are clipped and hung when it is being developed.
It’s not a fad, but more like developing a film photograph slowly and carefully – and that is our approach in making clothes.

I have an inferiority complex about my body shape and frame, and I pay a lot of attention to it when I choose my own clothes.

I have wide hips, my shoulders are broad, my inseam is low, and so on. Whenever I think a dress is cute and I buy it online, there is a chance that I’ll try it and it won’t fit me.

Not just in terms of clothing shape, but also in terms of material – I don’t like fabric that easily soaks up sweat or thin fabric, because I’m a sweaty person.

I believe that everyone has an inferiority complex, and it’s something that we have to live with and deal with for a long time. I want to wear the clothes I like without stressing – on days when I want to dress up, on days when I just want to head out for a little while, and even in my daily life.
That’s what inspired me to start this brand.

The clothes are natural and loose in size, and are suitable for men as well. I want to make clothing that can be worn by people who experience the same inferiority complex that I do.

I hope to make a special piece for each and every one of you!

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