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AnyMind Group and Treasure Data virtual event - Essential Strategies for Personalized Marketing

Learn the latest Customer Data Platform Case Studies

About this webinar

What kind of experiences are you providing the people you want to reach? That’s the question marketers are asking themselves as technology provides an ever-growing variety of ways to interact with customers before and after the first sale. Marketing personalization uses data to deliver this relevant and accessible content to targeted audience members, encouraging a relationship between customer and company by making customers feel like brands are talking directly to them. Leading companies are gaining an advantage by creating personal, meaningful, and memorable experiences for their audiences.

Please join AnyMind and Treasure Data for a digital event that will explore how CDP technology can help achieve personalized communication. We will also hear real world case studies from Rabbit Data and Tri-Petch Isuzu sales. We look forward to seeing you virtually soon!

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Opening talk

■ Sean Valencia, Marketing Strategist, Treasure Data ■ Mitsuhiro Okano, Sales rep for APAC, Treasure Data ■ Akira Hongo, Senior Strategic Planner, AnyMind Group

CDP Overview + Use Case Demo

Customer Data Platform unifies all types of online and offline customer data to unlock critical business insights needed to drive business growth. Learn about CDP technology and see a use case demo. ■ Sean Valencia, Marketing Strategist, Treasure Data ■ Kazuki Shirai, Solution Architect, Treasure Data

Data-Driven Marketing in Mobility Business of Thailand

We have been working on Data-Driven marketing since we introduced Treasure Data CDP in 2018. The customer journey of car purchase is becoming digital in recent years. It’s important to utilize not only online data but also offline data under under this environment. In this talk, we are going to explain how to introduce Treasure Data CDP and how we utilize it along with digital services and 3rd party data. ■ Taketo Yoshida, Senior Software Engineer, Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd

Building the first, truly-unified, omni-channel marketing platform in Thailand and SEA

Thailand is emerging as one of the fastest-growing digital markets in APAC with consumers seamlessly shifting between mediums to consume digital content as well as conducting retail, travel and other transactions across a whole range of digital touch points. This presents a unique opportunity for savvy marketers to unlock the value from rich consumer behavior insights. Learn how Rabbit Data, in collaboration with AnyMind Group, brings this exciting opportunity for brands in Thailand and is leveraging a cutting-edge CDP by Treasure Data in conjunction with AnyMind Group’s proprietary tools, algorithms and insights. ■ Kamlarp Satchavarodom, Data Director, BSS holding ■ Otohiko Kozutsumi, Chief Commercial Officer, AnyMind Group ■ Hataipat Sukontaborpit, CDP Project Manager, AnyMind Group

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