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Webinar: Introduction of South Korea's Digital Market & Key Strategies to Run A Successful Campaign

About this webinar

Gain in-depth insights into South Korea, one of the world’s biggest and most advanced digital markets.

South Korea’s digital market is utterly unique compared to any other country due to its traits as a ‘melting pot’ – with equally important usage of both global and local media.

In this online webinar with JnJ Interactive, one of the leading South Korean digital marketing agencies, the team will take a deep dive into South Korea’s vast online media landscape, and share ways for marketers to leverage this to maximize campaign performance.

• South Korea Digital Landscape Overview
• Deep Dive on South Korea’s Media
• How to advertise & Key Strategies

Webinar details
Date: 7 July 2021
Time: 3pm Singapore time, 4pm Korea time
Location: Zoom



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Jason Lim,
Global Partnership Manager, JnJ Interactive
Jason is a part of global marketing division at JnJ Interactive, specialized in online localization solutions and been accommodating advertisers from various different countries for both inbound and outbound campaigns.

Suyeon Lee, Senior Media Planner, JnJ Interactive
Suyeon is a senior media planner specialized in digital media strategic planning, campaign optimization, and marketing solutions.

Riku Saito, Regional Account Director, AnyMind Group
Riku is a regional account director for AnyMind Group and also leads the company’s Account Strategy department.

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