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Red Bull leverages on PMPs to promote “Red Bull White Edition”

Leveraging on FourM’s powerful inventory stack to maximize the impact of private marketplace deals

With today’s digital infrastructure readily available to consumers around the world due to the rise of smartphones and connected digital devices, digital marketing has seen exponential growth. At the same time, the ways in which advertisers reach their target users have become extremely diverse. In this vein, whilst digital advertising has gained considerable momentum, there are still some issues around the online user experience and ad fraud.

As a player in the marketing and advertising tech industry, AnyMind Group, through its various marketing tech brands including FourM, AdAsia, POKKT and Acqua Media, is actively taking several steps towards creating a better internet for all, including more transparent advertising practices like the advocacy and provision of private marketplace (PMP) deals.

In this case study, we look at how Red Bull has leveraged on FourM’s advertising inventory stack to deliver PMP deals across publishers in Japan.

The new Red Bull Energy Drink – White Edition
Driving awareness through PMPs for a product launch

AnyMind Group FourM Red Bull Case Study
Client :Red Bull Japan Co., Ltd.
Agency :Dentsu Inc./ Dentsu Digital Inc.
Company Size :Large
Genre :Beverage
Period :3 months
Partner :FourM

Red Bull White Edition is a new product from beverage manufacturer, Red Bull. The Red Bull Energy Drink has become the go-to energy drink in Japan. In order to drive awareness around the launch of Red Bull White Edition, Dentsu Digital Inc worked with FourM to deliver advertising that goes beyond basic formats like banner ads.

[Issue and solutions] Issue A: Looking for a suitable means to drive the launch of a new product within a set budget and materials. It is difficult to drive business impact purely from regular promotional materials through banner ads, with cost and scale limited.

Solution: Leverage on FourM’s Site Skin format In collaboration with Dentsu Digital, Red Bull utilized FourM’s Site Skin format.

Viewability can be measured using banner and native ad formats, but having high viewability does not necessarily equate into a high degree of user recognition or attitude change towards a brand or product, and might not be as effective in audience appeal.

Issue B: The FourM Site Skin format cannot be delivered through Google Display Network or other sites with specific ad format requirements. Although the Site Skin format can create a considerable impact and impression on the user, it is often technically impossible to deliver this through open auction, and requires a direct line with the publisher and advanced know-how on buy-side platforms.

Solution 1: The delivery of the Site Skin format to over 20 high-quality online sites that FourM is powering in Japan AdAsia, through FourM, is working with over 420 high-quality publishers in Japan, providing solutions including site monetization and creative consultation, and is able to build PMP deals for site skin formats in online sites with high-affinity audiences across various segments.

Solution 2: Implementation of measures based on domain expertise In terms of distribution platform knowledge, FourM has been helping publishers in Japan monetize their inventory since 2009, and has other accreditation for expertise, including Google Certified Publishing Partner status, amongst others. With the combined expertise across AnyMind Group’s marketing tech brands, FourM is able to deliver knowledge to their publishers, not just about domestic success cases and tools, but also international expertise.

[Creative Examples]

AnyMind AdAsia FourM PMP Case Study Publisher Screenshot AnyMind AdAsia FourM PMP Case Study Publisher Screenshot

[Results and Business Impact]
This is a prime example of a win-win-win situation.

This instance of Red Bull leveraging on FourM’s Site Skin format to drive awareness of a product launch has gained praise for its high level of creative and impact. As a result, the Red Bull’s global headquarters in Austria, Red Bull GmbH, selected this instance as a marketing best practices in leveraging GMP.

The case study was shared with other markets, which highlighted Japan’s presence, and a global deployment is expected in the future.

Standard banner ad pricing is reaching a ceiling for publishers in Japan, and the implementation of this site skin format has also created a new revenue stream for publishers in Japan.

At the same time, AnyMind Group and Dentsu Digital are able to deepen cooperation and strengthen efforts to create even more successful case studies.


AnyMind Group, through its various marketing tech brands including AdAsia, mobile video ad platform POKKT, FourM and Acqua Media, provides advertisers and agencies with a one-stop solution for digital advertising, including desktop, mobile web, in-app and DOOH advertising, and local expert teams that provide managed services including the creation of new ad formats, planning consultation, distribution and reporting.

AnyMind Group provides advertisers with access to 1,200 online/web publishers with a reach of over 117 billion monthly impressions, 1,000 mobile app publishers with a reach of 500 million MAU, and more than 1,800 DOOH signages in Thailand and Japan.

At the same time, publisher clients have access to the 360 platform, a solution that consolidates demand from the biggest sources including Google and more.

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