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AnyMind Group and Nisamanee Nutt create D2C lifestyle apparel brand for fashionistas

A closer look at the success of a chic clothing brand the reflects Nisamanee Nutt’s identity through Land of N

Nisamanee Nutt, a famous Thai YouTube creator and influencer, has joined forces with AnyMind Group to create a direct-to-consumer (D2C) fashion label, Land of N. Nisamanee’s signature chic is reflected in every product in the Eyes on Me and Eyes on You collections.

By tapping on the AnyFactory platform, products by the Land of N label were easily designed and manufactured from various factories across the region – all done on the cloud. Land of N was also supported through the use of AnyShop to help drive sales of the product through e-commerce channels. Throughout the process, she was also supported by a team of consultants for brand building, product designing and more.

Brand history:
The name of the brand “Land of N” comes from the land of Nisa, which is a brand where products reflect her own self whilst still maintaining a chic style typical of Nisamanee. For her first apparel lineup, she chose two items that people would see her wearing all the time: a cardigan and a handbag. She decided to make these items more of “her own” by deciding on a pair of eyes as her brand identity, due to her penchant for drawing illustrations that feature eyes. She then decided to reduce the lines in her illustrations to make sure that only the eyes stand out. Also, she feels that eyes are the most beautiful and charming part of a person.

Nisamanee said: “The road to making this brand is not strewn with rose petals. Nutt and team are dedicated to creating and designing every product in the Land of N to be the best, at an affordable price along with a chic design in the style of Nutt, so that all fans can receive good quality and beautiful items that can be used at all times.”

See all of Nisamanee Nutt’s products at:
View products via the Land of N Instagram account at:

First collection launch product: “Eyes on You” cardigan
A beautiful knitted cardigan combines style and quality for a chic look of modern women, designed for easy wearing in a variety of styles. Whether you wear it to the office or take a walk outside, this cardigan is adorned with Land of N’s signature eye patch.

Top product: “All Eyes on Me” oversized t-shirt
An oversized t-shirt that is screen printed with the brand’s signature eyes. The 100% polyester fabric is easy to wear but still looks chic for a casual day out.

Chic bag: “Do You Like My Fringe?”
A leather bag decorated with tassels with a chain shoulder strap. The body of the bag is made of transparent PVC leather and the exterior is decorated with faux leather in the shape of an eye. The handle of the bag is made of leather with a chain shoulder strap. This is a bag that is created to be easily matched with other clothing and accessories, but also stylish in design.

Tell a story – In addition to the care taken in every step of the production process, she has also created a brand story accessible to her followers through her personal Instagram and Land of N Instagram account, under the title “Our Story.” This has garnered a lot of attention from followers who have seen the story, and includes the origins of the brand, the process and the intentions of building her own brand from the beginning.

Reaching and understanding fan groups – Reinforcing the reach of fans who have bought her products, Nisamanee surprised some customers by delivering the items herself, leading to more orders from fans who want to meet their favourite influencer.

Charity campaign – From the launch of the brand on 4 June 2020 to 18 June 2020, a 10% contribution (amounting to 176,360 baht) of total sales was donated to the Ramathibodi Foundation to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regular promotions – With the first product line getting strong reception and was selling well with the support of many fans, the Land of N brand and Nisamanee continue to release new products. Nisamanee has also promoted her products regularly through her personal and brand social media channels and features the products in mix and match sets, daily product content, product reviews from customers, and activating promotions from time to time, in order to maintain existing customers and attract new customers.

Because of the positive response from Nisamanee’s fans, both launched products were sold quickly. The first, Eyes on You cardigan, sold out in just one month, and the second product, the Eyes on You handbag sold out a month later.

The brand’s social media platforms currently have a combined total of over ten thousand followers. The majority of followers are female, with 40% in the 18-24 years old demographic, and 33% of followers are 25-34 years old. Future plans are to establish the brand to the general public as a lifestyle product that can be used by anyone who likes the same design.

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