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AnyMind Group enables apparel brand JINCL

Apparel line features free-sized hoodies and sweatshirts created through AnyMind D2C

In February 2021, JINJIN, a Japanese influencer and part of YouTube duo PAPARAPYS, launched his apparel brand JINCL with the help of AnyMind Group. Through platforms and solutions offered by AnyMind Group, including AnyFactory and AnyShop, the brand and products were carefully curated and produced by the influencer, with the influencer’s original style imprinted onto each product.

With AnyFactory enabling the cloud creation of products from manufacturers across the region, and AnyShop enabling e-commerce infrastructure, AnyMind Group was able to equip JINJIN with the right business infrastructure to operate digitally.

Extended support was also provided, including brand and product planning, product and store design, post-sale logistics and more.

Official online store:
Official Instagram account:

Product lineup

A hoodie that is embroidered with JINJIN’s famous line: “Are you okay?” It is a hoodie with vintage-looking strings and a chest-pocket like that of Doraemon.

A gorilla being chased by a princess with a cucumber…is this Paparapys? The hoodie features a cute string that can be tied, printed with a character

This sweatshirt features the JINCL brand embroidered on the chest, and has varied colored sleeves and side slits.

This sweatshirt features the words “USE UP MAYONNAISE” and scribbled over with a “dash of mayonnaise,” and prominently placed on the chest. The sweatshirt also has varied colored sleeves and side slits.

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