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E-commerce & D2C

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Japanese model, Mirai Saitou, produces D2C sleep care brand, SLEEE, through AnyMind Group

Features pyjamas, pillow mist and Epsom salts created through AnyMind D2C

In January 2021, AnyMind Group provided the tools and resources for Japanese model Mirai Saitou to launch her sleep care brand, SLEEE. Through platforms and solutions offered by AnyMind Group, including AnyFactory and AnyShop, the brand and products were carefully curated and produced by the influencer, with the influencer’s original style imprinted onto each product.

With AnyFactory enabling the cloud creation of products from manufacturers across the region, and AnyShop enabling e-commerce infrastructure, AnyMind Group was able to equip Mirai Saitou with the right business infrastructure to operate digitally.

Extended support was also provided, including brand and product planning, product and store design, post-sale logistics and more.

Official online store:
Official Instagram account:

Product lineup

SLEEE Cotton Pajamas Set
Soft to the touch, with a moderate lustre and elegant design. A top and long pants set, available in both beige and khaki colors for both males and females.

SLEEE Aromatic Pillow Mist
Blend:Bergamot, lavender, lemongrass, geranium, fresh ginger, mandarin and cedarwood Ingredients:Ethanol, fragrance, water, pentylene glycol

SLEEE Aromatic Epsom Salt
The SLEEE Aromatic Epson Salt is a musk and hyacinth scented Epsom bath salt. Simply add the bath salts to your bath and feel a fuzzy warmth from the thermal effect of Epsom salt, moisturising your skin, preventing it from drying out and giving your skin a firm appearance.

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