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MayyR collaborates with AnyMind Group to launch 11AM-shop

Features an apparel line including jackets, pants, t-shirts, crop tops and canvas bags created through AnyMind D2C

In September 2020, Thai influencer MayyR launched her clothing and accessories line for 11am-shop through AnyMind Group. Through platforms and solutions offered by AnyMind Group, including AnyFactory and AnyShop, the brand and products were carefully curated and produced by the influencer, with the influencer’s original style imprinted onto each product.

With AnyFactory enabling the cloud creation of products from manufacturers across the region, and AnyShop enabling e-commerce infrastructure, AnyMind Group was able to equip MayyR with the right business infrastructure to operate digitally.

Extended support was also provided, including brand and product planning, product and store design, post-sale logistics and more.

Official online store:
Official Instagram account:

Product lineup

Signature Denim Jacket & White Denim Pants
The 11AM Signature Denim Jacket is a lovely white colour, with the words “enjoy it all” embroidered across the back of the jacket. There is also a light brown suede label on the front pocket of the jacket, with the 11AM logo embossed on it. A cropped version of the Signature Denim Jacket is also available.

Shoppers can also pair the signature jackets with 11AM’s White Denim Pants – a pair of straight cut denim pants that have the words “Today I will do absolutely nothing” emblazoned on the back pocket. The 11AM logo is also embossed delicately on the back of the pants.

Tomorrow T-Shirt & Expect Nothing T-Shirt
The Expect Nothing T-shirt has the words “expect nothing, appreciate everything” positioned stylishly across the front of the tee, whilst the Tomorrow T-shirt has the word “Tomorrow” screened on the right chest.

Pumpkin Crop & Blueberry Crop
Both tops have the words “Life is a soup and I’m a fork” positioned across the chest area, bringing a unique personality to these tops. The Pumpkin Crop is a clean yellow colour, whilst the Blueberry Crop is an attractive pastel purple colour.

I’ll be Bag & You got this Bag
The I’ll Be Bag is a small black-coloured canvas bag, perfect for carrying handphones and wallets, and embroidered with the words “I’ll be bag”, a play on the famous line: “I’ll be back”. The You Got This bag is a trendy white-coloured canvas bag that has words of encouragement: “Hey, you got this” emblazoned on the front of the bag.

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