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AnyMind Group CEO on connected offerings and future plans

A note by Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group on the company's moves

Today marks yet another milestone for all of us here at AnyMind Group. It has definitely been a memorable journey, one that started 4.5 years ago.

We’ve always had lofty ambitions to grow, and over the years, we’ve evolved and launched various products and offerings across various industries.

Growth for everyone has been our underlying philosophy throughout the years, and the basis of what we’re looking to drive with our renewed mission: “Make every business borderless.”

Borderless does not just mean between geographical boundaries, but also across businesses and their customers, online and offline, industries, channels and platforms. By developing and providing software that forms the foundation of every business becoming borderless, we can then power the growth for everyone, be it individuals, businesses, ecosystems, industries or even the world.

To achieve this, we’ve today launched our e-commerce offering, AnyShop, and announced our plans to launch a logistics platform, AnyLogi, later this year, as part of our move to become a true brand enablement platform.

We’re not just a marketing enabler, e-commerce enabler, direct-to-consumer enabler, logistics enabler or manufacturing enabler, but we are looking to become a true end-to-end enabler of brands.

AnyMind Group business structure

I believe that every business should not have borders so that potential can be fully realized, and we have been developing offerings that look to break down these borders.

Over the years, we have grown and established strong offerings across the entertainment and marketing spaces, and just this year, moved into direct-to-consumer enablement. Our e-commerce and logistics offerings will add additional layers for our customers to fulfil their potential.

We’ve also made the decision to rebrand some of our early products to be more aligned with our core AnyMind Group branding, including CastingAsia and AdAsia, and indicates the synergy we have across our various products.

Ultimately, we know that our suite of offerings has the potential to advance businesses across the world, and when the time is right, we will begin expanding our offerings globally and stay true to our mission of making every business borderless.

Let’s grow together.

Kosuke Sogo CEO and co-founder AnyMind Group

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