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Why we're evolving the AdAsia and CastingAsia brands

It's time for evolution and growth

At AnyMind Group, we’re certainly an ambitious bunch – from our mission to “Make every business borderless”, to our company philosophy of “Growth for everyone” – we’ve got our eyes set on empowering businesses and individuals around the world to remove borders, and not just geographical boundaries.

We’re looking to remove borders between businesses and customers, online and offline, industries, platforms. We can go on and on!

Right now, you may have already seen our announcement that we’re changing some of our product names, or you might have already noticed some changes to our websites and social media channels.

We’ll further explain about why we’re making these moves in this blog post.

From a business perspective, we’ve noticed increasing business synergy across our various offerings, just like how Dai Viet Group’s AutoPortal Global is using our publisher monetization and influencer growth solutions.

We also understood the need to create a unified branding strategy. CastingAsia and AdAsia are two of our oldest and most prominent brands, but we wanted to do more in the future.

In the longer term, we’re planning for expansion outside of Asia, providing access for businesses outside of Asia into this high potential market, whilst providing businesses in Asia access to an international market.

Evolving CastingAsia We’re splitting the CastingAsia brand into two solution names, but our offerings remain the same, including platform functionality and available offerings:

CastingAsia rebranded to AnyTag and AnyCreator The CastingAsia platform will be rebranded to AnyTag. The name is a combination of AnyMind and “tagging”: an action by social media users who want to share content with their connections or followers. This also plays on our influencer marketing platform’s ability to empower marketers to discover, activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing activities.

The CastingAsia Creators Network, an influencer management network, will be rebranded to AnyCreator. Apart from linking back to our core AnyMind branding, AnyCreator enables content creators and influencers to leverage on a range of resources and opportunities including content production and editing, account optimization and monetization, collaboration opportunities, and the opportunity to tap on other AnyMind Group resources like AnyMind D2C for Influencers.

Evolving AdAsia Our oldest brand, AdAsia, is also due for an update. Although offerings remain the same, we’re also splitting the AdAsia brand into two product names.

AdAsia rebrands to AnyManager and AnyDigital

Our flagship product for advertisers, the AdAsia Digital Platform, will be renamed into AnyDigital. AnyDigital enables marketers to tap into digital buys and digital audiences through various functions on the AdAsia Digital Platform, including DOOH and deal discovery, along with media buys into the rebranded Display and Video Marketplace (previously AdAsia Premium Marketplace).

We’re also consolidating our publisher platform brands: AdAsia360, FourM360 and Acqua360, into a single name: AnyManager. Through AnyManager, online publishers can manage their revenue streams, and tap on all available existing offerings.

We’ve not made any changes to the logo marks that represent the various platforms, and the brands are already in effect.

We’ve also announced plans to become a brand enablement platform. If you’d like to read the full press release, click here. If you’d like to read a note about these changes by Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, click here.

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