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[Post event report] PLAZMA12: Building the first, truly-unified, omni-channel marketing platform in Thailand and SEA

AnyMind Group and BSS Holdings speak at Treasure Data's PLAZMA 12 event

In July, AnyMind Group took part in Treasure Data’s PLAZMA12: Data Saves The World“?”, an annual online event looking at digital transformation and data. Together with Thailand’s Rabbit Data, AnyMind Group spoke on the topic of “Building the first, truly-unified, omnichannel marketing platform in Thailand and SEA”.

Thailand is emerging as one of the fastest-growing digital markets in APAC with consumers seamlessly shifting between mediums to consume digital content as well as conducting retail, travel and other transactions across a whole range of digital touchpoints. This presents a unique opportunity for savvy marketers to unlock the value from rich consumer behaviour insights. Learn how Rabbit Data, in collaboration with AnyMind Group, brings this exciting opportunity for brands in Thailand and is leveraging a cutting-edge CDP by Treasure Data in conjunction with AnyMind Group’s proprietary tools, algorithms and insights.

Kamlarp Satchavarodom (Data Director, BSS Holding)
The data director of BSS Holding, the holding company of Rabbit group in Thailand. An analytics-first consultant with 10+ years’ experience in domains of retail and technology.

Otohiko Kozutsumi (Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder, AnyMind Group)
Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder for AnyMind Group, as is responsible for various commercial strategies for AnyMind Group brands. Kozutsumi has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising technology and business development. Prior to AnyMind Group, he held leadership roles in ad businesses around APAC.

Hataipat Sukontaborpit (CDP Project Manager, AnyMind Group)
Senior Manager at AdAsia, responsible for the BSS Holding – AnyMind Group project since 2019. Hataipat has 5+ years of experience in digital marketing, specialised in SEO and Account Management.


The session started off with a short introduction about AnyMind Group by Otohiko Kozutsumi, CCO and co-founder of AnyMind Group. Apart from AnyMind Group’s various offerings around the entertainment, marketing, HR and D2C industries, customer data platforms (CDP) are also a part of the varied solutions provided by AdAsia, an AnyMind Group brand within the marketing pillar.

After that, Data Director for BSS Holding, Kamlarp Satchavarodom, introduced Rabbit Data, a part of VGI Group, the leader in advertising, payment, and logistics in Thailand. He also shared how VGI Group is using data across their advertising, payment and logistics verticals.

VGI AnyMind Group

Journey to Data Monetization with CDP & Treasure Data

VGI AnyMind Group data monetization

With a reachable audience of over 30 million users and 2.1 billion transactions, Satchavarodom elaborated how Rabbit Data’s offline data assets are so exclusive that it allows VGI to hyper-target audiences based on more than 200 dimensions such as BTS Riders, Income level, Purchase category, Car ownership, Financial products, E-shoppers, SME owners, etc.

VGI AnyMind Group data utilization

Satchavarodom explained that, before implementing a CDP into their business, VGI faced challenges such as siloed data, disparate data and marketing channels, and limited human knowledge, which limited VGI from fully utilizing and monetizing the data they owned.

VGI AnyMind Group CDP

He also dived into the implementation of a customer data platform (CDP), allowing for synergy between silo-ed data and a 360-degree view of the customer, and providing a more personalized and valuable online and offline environment for marketers to reach their audiences.

Key learnings

VGI AnyMind Group key learnings

To monetize the various data points, Satchavarodom suggested that companies should start with having a vision of what you want to do with your data, and also uncover use cases. In his opinion, the key success factor is not the technology; but rather the end-to-end data supply chain to support user demands – similar to an FMCG product supply chain.

VGI AnyMind Group key learnings

At the end of the session, Kozutsumi summarized how the partnership between Rabbit Data, Treasure Data, and AnyMind Group contributed to the completion of the CDP project for VGI with a highly satisfying result. AnyMind Group, apart from proprietary offerings, also provides customers with enterprise-grade Treasure Data CDP with professional services to collect, unify, analyse data, build audience segments, and activate all this data for campaigns.

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