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AnyMind Group's content creator Wilson Sinai awarded the Most Viewed MCN Creator for Shorts Category from YouTube

Wilson Sinai, an entertainment content creator who creates bite-sized comedy sketches as Shorts videos, was recently awarded the Most Viewed MCN Creator for Shorts Category on YouTube Partner Day 2022 in Jakarta.

YouTube Shorts is one of the more recently-launched YouTube features for creators – with users able to access Shorts videos through the Shorts discovery feature (similar to Instagram’s Reels tab and TikTok’s Discover tab). Shorts content can be a 60-second continuous video or several 15-second videos combined. With this new feature, content creators on YouTube now have even more ways to be discovered.

Wilson joined AnyMind Group’s influencer network on July 2021 and has seen 1302% growth in terms of views, 630% growth in subscribers, and 239% growth in revenue after joining the network.

AnyMind Group has also supported various creators in its network to successfully grow their channels through YouTube Shorts.

Through the company’s Creator Growth offering, Wilson is able to access resources to create and optimize his videos and monetization on YouTube. The team also facilitated the creation of a new channel for video compilations to broaden his reach, named SKETSA WILSON SINAI.

Through AnyMind Group, influencers and content creators can also access a robust tool to grow called AnyCreator, which is available as a mobile app and on a desktop. Users can easily review their social media analytics across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, join campaigns with leading brands, and create their own link in bio all within the app. Selected users can also access a range of features to grow their influence, including email and chat communications with fans, and survey functionalities to better understand what their followers think.

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