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AnyMind Group empowers content creators to grow their channels through YouTube Shorts

Through its Creator Growth offering, the company helped Indonesian content creators to increase their views.


YouTube Shorts is one of the more recently-launched features for creators – with YouTube users able to find Shorts videos through the Shorts discovery feature (similar to Instagram’s Reels tab and TikTok’s Discover tab). Shorts content can be a 60-second continuous video or several 15-second videos combined. With this new feature, content creators on YouTube now have even more ways to be discovered.

Through its Creator Growth offering, AnyMind Group has helped a number of Indonesian content creators in its network to increase channel growth and optimize their revenue by utilizing the YouTube Shorts feature. Creators can also tap on the AnyCreator platform for brand collaborations, social media analytics, and other cool features such as Link In Bio. In addition, creators can also use tools under the company’s Brand Commerce offering including AnyFactory, AnyLogi, AnyChat, and AnyX to create and grow their own D2C brands.

On 11 May 2021, YouTube announced a YouTube Shorts Fund that lets content creators earn money by creating Shorts content. YouTube is also experimenting with different ways to reward creators from the fund, including expanding payments to more creators and raising the amount creators can earn from creating Shorts content. Creators who didn’t previously qualify for the YouTube Shorts Fund can now earn bonuses from US$100 to US$10,000.


Some of the content creators in AnyMind’s influencer network were beneficiaries of the YouTub Shorts Fund, including creators such as FIKRI Production, Sugoi TV and Wilson Sinai.

Here are a few ways that creators optimized their Shorts content.

  • Wilson Sinai: As a comedian, Wilson creates bite-sized comedy sketches as Shorts videos. When users who discover his content check out his channel, they are able to come across a trove of his regular-length videos (usually around 3-5 minutes). These videos generate a high amount of watch time that improves his channel’s performance.
  • Sugoi TV: As an Indonesian creator who lives in Japan, there is much potential for the Sugoi TV channel to create interesting videos for Indonesian audiences. Many Indonesian viewers are interested in Japanese culture, and Sugoi TV satisfies this through short videos containing various tips and insights about Japanese lifestyle and culture. This successfully connected viewers with the same interests and at the same time, helped Sugoi TV to build a loyal community of subscribers.


Here are some creators in AnyMind’s influencer network who have experienced significant growth from utilizing YouTube Shorts:

Yosua Andre | 422K Subscribers
Growth: +201% Views

FIKRI Production | 239K Subscribers
Growth: +244% Views

Kaleb Andri | 401K Subscribers
Growth: +161% Views

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